Gentry Ltd. “mans up” the retail commercial

Gentry LTD from Intake Studio on Vimeo.

While in Vegas, Karen and I had the pleasure of running into Britt Fulmer and Brandon Sullivan of Gentry Ltd., in Wichita, Kansas. They were excited to show us a new commercial they’d developed, called “It’s Time to Man Up,” and we were blown away! Talk about a way to get a younger customer excited about tailored clothing—this piece is sexy, tasteful and eye-catching.

“The whole theme was based around a general frustration with men who won’t dress like they want to,” says Sullivan. “We have people say all the time (especially in the midwest) how they wish they could dress that way, or how they would love to be able to pull something off so to speak.  And from our standpoint, it’s a great time for our customer to “man up” and dress like they know they can!”

The ad even won the “best of broadcast” award at the 2011 Wichita “ADDY” award.


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