Neckwear Notes: The Dimple Clip

Neckwear Notes is an ongoing series of conversations, notes and short features about the neckwear world and its personalities and brands. Neckwear Notes will tend to focus on the little guys, the new brands and the upstarts, because they tend to be the risk takers.

Dimple Clip displayA good dimple under the knot of a tie is one of those small dying arts, the sort of thing that men don’t learn from their fathers anymore. Sure, you can figure out how to tie the tie yourself (YouTube helps), but it often takes personal guidance to perfect it. So many guys these days get the dimple off-center, so that it’s more of an S-curve, the dimple ending with one edge of the tie. Or there’s no dimple at all, just a smooth, convex roll of fabric under the knot.

This lack of attention to dimples apparently bothered Jim Mitchell, an investment advisor in Henderson, Nevada. He was frustrated that he couldn’t tie a perfect dimple every time. “I also noticed when I looked around my office, and even when I watched the news, that other guys had the same trouble,” he told me. “We use collar stays in our shirts to keep them looking pressed, why wouldn’t we use a similar product to keep our tie looking sharp?” So he and his brother, Anthony, created the Dimple Clip.

“We had our first prototype milled out of aluminum and it originally had a closed design that was intended to slide on the small end of the tie down the length into position,” Mitchell recalls. “We quickly learned that this was not the best solution. We decided to open the bottom, but we left the tabs that fold up from the bottom as we noticed it made sliding the dimple clip on the tie easier and it tends to grip the tie better.” The video below shows how it works.

There are other necktie accessories on the market; in fact, shortly after I spoke to Mitchell, another Henderson, Nevada company pitched me a product designed to keep your tie knot from slipping down, called the Tie Snug ($29.95), and Mitchell told me about another tie dimple aid called The Dimpler ($15.95). In fact, in his research, Mitchell found six patents for necktie dimple aids, dating back to 1939.

But Mitchell’s product is the simplest, and least expensive, currently on the market, and he says seeing other patents gave him confidence that there was a desire in the market for such a product. The Dimple Clip retails in a three-pack for $9.99.

Mitchell says he’s sold hundreds on his website,, and that he’s managed to get the product in a few Nevada stores and two in Australia. They want to sell a major department store, and maybe one day, says Mitchell, Dimple Clips will be sold with ties. The three-pack comes in a handsome box with a magnetic lid. Retailers will get a display box that holds 27 three-packs.

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