July Notebook: Come Fly Away

Collar Keeps“I noticed the collars of my dress shirts were the first part to show signs of age,” says Richie Frieman. “Over time they looked worn and collars began to fly away, regardless of how many times I starched or ironed them.” Frustrated and in search of a solution, Frieman created Collar Keeps: one by one inch pieces of foil backed by adhesive and applied to the underside of the shirt collar, keeping it crisp and free from flyaways without any damage to the clothing.

Frieman then reached out to custom clothing veteran Vince Rua to bring his product to market. The two partnered up and after extensive research, found that younger people prefer Collar Keeps because they’re different from magnetic collar stay solutions, which Rua says “clamp one’s collar down as if it were a hidden button down, but don’t prevent flyaways. Younger guys (and girls) want their collar to stay down, but not be clamped down.”

Collar Keeps are currently only available online and are sold in packs of 20 for $11.95. For more info, collarkeeps.com —EMD

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