What I’m looking for at the Las Vegas shows

Hearing Stu and Karen talk about how many trips to Las Vegas—somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 to 50—makes me a little more comfortable about my modest eight trips. But after a certain number of trips and a certain number of fashion cycles, however small (I think I’ve already seen the death and rebirth of skulls three times and I wish they would die again), you fall into some routines.

One of mine is to seek out innovations in neckwear, and I’ve found it in some unlikely places. One small US company was making raw silk ties in solid colors a couple of years ago that looked amazingly fresh, much more fashionable than its other offerings. A year or more later, I saw a more refined version at Dion, with jewel-toned stripes and checks in a silk shantung; it still looks great. Barbara Blank always shows something a bit ahead of the curve, whether it’s vintage knits or very wide ties.

This season, I’ll be looking for neckwear beyond the typical seasonal cottons, wools, etc.

I’m going to be on a hunt for Hawaiian shirts. I know that I can find great ones at Reyn Spooner and Tori Richard, and I’m hoping to find more. I think prints in both wild colors and muted, sun-faded hues are due for increased exposure among American guys—especially with the awful heat most of the country has been enduring.

I’m hoping to find more proof of the metallic/shiny suit trend that both Patrick Chan of S. Cohen and Ross Graison showed me in New York. I never tired of sharkskin, and this takes it to the next level. I don’t know why something so flashy would be trending in Europe right now—a reaction to all the economic gloom?—but I like it.

I’ll be on the lookout for proof that there’s life beyond plaid. While I’m not tired of it, many of my fellow editors are, and we’re all wondering what’s next. Can florals or animal prints (which have been showing up in women’s wear) work for men?

Finally, I’m always interested in men’s fragrances. After the Elements Showcase in New York this week, and some great conversations with Blackbird’s Aaron Way (he’s in charge of the Seattle men’s specialty store’s apothecary), I’m more convinced than ever that fragrance can be a larger part of the men’s specialty market. EuroPerfumes will be exhibiting at MRket LV, and I thought at least one other show had a fragrance line on their list. If anyone knows of others, please let me know.

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  1. avatarLorrie Simsen says:

    Aloha Harry,
    Hunt no further for Hawaiian Shirts – Jams World – has all of prints you will need. We have lots of unique prints and colors – all art-driven. Yes, guys all over will clamor to be in a Hawaii state of mind with our shirts on their backs.
    Will you be at MR in Vegas? We’ll be around on Sunday. Please check out the West Coast Trend Show article
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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