Neckwear Notes: The New York market

Moore & Giles: This tie case ($185 retail), was designed in collaboration with the Minnesota-based neckwear brand Pierrepont Hicks, which supplies the silk tie fabric that serves as its lining (in some versions). The case, in Titan Toffee leather, holds four ties.

Moore & Giles is hoping to continue with its collaboration series. The previous one, with celebrated New York bartender Jim Meehan (of Please Don’t Tell, an East Village bar hidden alongside a hot dog shop), was a leather bar tools bag ($660 retail).

JS Blank: Barbara Blank of JS Blank was showing these knit ties from her archives at the New York shows in July. Finally, she reported, knits are starting to sell—many seasons after she started offering them to retailers. These designs, if they go into production, would be $45 retail in synthetics and $65-$75 retail in silks.

Blank also mentioned that retailers were pleasantly surprised by the success of seasonal ties last year, and will probably be embracing it more heartily next year. That will be a welcome change. Bow ties and pocket squares, she added, are on fire.

RVR Neckwear: Robert Valdes-Rodriguez of RVR Neckwear is launching a three-inch-wide American-made line called RVR Orange Label at $145 retail to accompany his 3.5-inch Italian-made RVR collection ($185 retail).

Welcome Stranger: This San Francisco-based retailer and vendor, Welcome Stranger, showed at Project New York with this bow tie maker demonstrating her craft. The bows retail for $75.

Leather ties: Sadly, these leather ties worn by James Volpe and Brent Adler of Will Leather Goods at MR‘s Uptwown/Downtown dinner in July won’t be going into production. As when I wrote about my fondness for them a couple of years ago, leather ties remain elusive in the menswear market. Everyone seems to think they’re a fun idea, until it’s time to write orders — few retailers want to bother with them.

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