Spring 2012 trend recap: style we love

Story photographed by Thorsten Roth.
Model: Lary Bismuth
Video & Production: John Jones

It’s late October and by now we’ve all had time to get a good read on fall selling, anticipate the coming holiday season and work on our orders for spring 2012. In reviewing notes from the New York and Vegas trade shows, New York Fashion Week and various market appointments there were a few hot trends coming through a season that was otherwise a little short in newness.

1. Sheer: don’t get nervous. It’s about layered pieces that hint at transparency.

2. Texture: always important in menswear, but rough-looking though soft-feeling seems more important than ever.

3. Distressing and aging: hinted wear seems stronger than out and out destroyed.

4. Cable patterns: like winter invading summer.

5. Pale neutrals: because nothing is cooler than soft grays and tans.

6. Blue: a perennial favorite, but certainly getting its time in the sun right now.

7. Citrus hues: From safety orange accents to pale yellows and limes. The perfect complement to blue and neutral.

8. Prints: from subtle neats to bold graphics, this feels particularly new, though still evolving from the women’s market. Number:Lab’s, shown in the video and below, is a collaboration with artist Joseph La Piana, created from his refraction paintings.

9. Androgyny: not as severe as 1980s Grace Jones style, but gender play is there.

10. Performance: from subtle fabric treatments to engineered pockets and shapes, the outdoor market moves in.

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  1. avatarBill Lavin says:

    I have to say I am excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited as John always that great sense of trend and fashion, and yet at the shows when I feature my newest trend collection, Bill Lavin Signature Collection, I am sad no one from MR came by to even preview it.!! And the sadness is that these designs would have complemented all these looks above in a whole new way of clean, but with new cleaver unique ways of expressing clean and reeking fashion forward…!! John, I wish you would have come by, I would have rocked your world buddy… cheers.. bill

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