Honoring Lansky’s, Clothier to the King

By Billy Neville

Bernard Lansky and Hal Lansky

It was an occasion befitting “The King” himself: the 65th anniversary of Lansky’s, the landmark store in downtown Memphis where the mighty Mississippi punctuates the southern landscape with rock & roll. And soul.

Here, legend and lore team up to weave the story of Elvis as a youngster, peering wistfully into the Lansky Brothers’ store window, to be greeted by Bernard Lansky himself. Elvis allegedly told Lansky that while he had no money, he intended one day to “own the place.” Not wanting to miss a sale (or a potential friendship), Lansky invited Elvis in to shop. And so it was that Elvis Presley became a life-long customer and special friend of the Lanskys. (The check for Elvis’ first purchase, made payable to Lansky Bros in the amount of $200.08, is dated July 7, 1957.)

Hal Lanksy and Julie Lansky

At this special anniversary, the Lanskys and more than 500 loyal fans celebrated the unveiling of the Shelby County historical marker that now stands at the original store site on Beale Street. Bernard, his son Hal, and his granddaughter Julie were all on hand to receive well deserved congratulations from an appreciative crowd.

Happy Anniversary Lanskys: here’s to the next 65 years!

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  1. avatarBill Lavin says:

    A well deserved Tribute to an iconic store, but more important iconic merchants in Benard, Hal and Julie.. I am so honored to work with these great people, and so blessed to have my designs hanging in their store… Congrat’s to all the Lansky’s…
    One of the greatest and historic stores in our country.
    All the best,

  2. avatarGORDON TURNER says:

    The Tribute to Benard And Lansky’s is well deserved. Thanks to Shelby County And The City of Memphis for truly a historic marker
    for and outstanding retail family.

    Thanks MRmag for the great news


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