Equilibrio Pursues Patent on “Motion D” Technology

An Equilibrio "Motion D" style for fall 2012

Los Angeles-based shirt company Equilibrio introduced a proprietary patent-pending design dubbed Motion D during the New York menswear market. The shirts feature engineered side panels designed to improve fit, eliminate fabric bunching and contribute to freedom of movement. The feature will be standard on all Equilibrio shirts for fall 2012.

“This design technology has never been used,” says Paolo Dorigo, CEO of DSPT International, the company that owns Equilibrio. “We understand the design to be very unique, and think that it can be applied to other types of garments. That’s why we are pursuing a design patent. We searched all over the world to find only one factory with a very specific (and extremely expensive) machine that can insert the panels to create the shape of a shirt that promises to fit a man’s body better and give him a slimmer silhouette.” Despite the expense, shirts will retail for $175 to $195—the same cost as previous Equilibrio styles. Dorigo’s collection made a splash in the market a few years ago with the “Roma,” a shirt featuring a unique collar design.

The technology does not increase or decrease the size of the shirt, per se, but is designed to contour the body with a more three-dimensional pattern than traditional shirts. Much like current trends in tailored clothing patterns, by eliminating fabric under the arm, the silhouette appears cleaner and trimmer. Retailers such as Boyd’s in Philadelphia, Gary’s, Patrick James and Mario’s will carry the shirts. See www.equilibrioformen.comfor more information.

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  1. avatarBill Lavin says:

    I have to say that Paolo has created something special here. I tried one of his Motion D shirts at ENK Blue Show in New York, as our booths were across from one another. When I tried on his Motion D shirt model, the fit was so incredibly slimming and so noticeably so, I did not want to take it off…!! I was very impressed with his attention to the fit fine points of this design coming from one designer to another. His eye for details and concepts in design is impeccable.. I’m a Motion D Groupie…! And once you try one on, you will be also… Trust me… Congrats to you Paolo… cheers… bill

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