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By Adam Thomas Eisenhut

Notes from downtown’s resident style blogger.

Adam Thomas EisenhutI spent 15 years studying theater—and enough money to bring a developing nation out of poverty—finally earning my B.A. Which reminds me, my student loan payment is due…. So naturally, a year and a half out of school, I find myself working in the fashion industry. Money well spent. My background in fashion is limited: in the early ’90s my oldest sister taught me the concept of matching and how to perfectly roll my white tube socks, and thus my impeccable taste was born. So here I am working on the MRket show with my eyes closed, hands in the air and hoping I make it to see five o’clock—or these days, seven. Inundated with menswear, here are some of my thoughts, anecdotes and finds to lighten your business reading.

Birthday Booty

This December between Christmas and my birthday, I managed to walk away with some pretty great gifts. At the top of my list:

Savage Beauty: The coffee table book from the fabulous Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This man’s work is what started to build the connection for me between theater and fashion. His work inspires me every morning to add a piece of fantasy into my look, something I wish more men would do.

Two sweet ties: My sister and I are remarkably different. She teaches middle school science, enjoys decorating her home in “country chic,” and always encouraged me to play football—that after years of telling her that pastel colors wash her out. However, this year she bought me two fantastic ties: a Countess Mara black and turquoise plaid bow tie and an Alfani black and hot pink plaid skinny tie (complete with my first tie bar!). So maybe that proves we are of some relation….

Steve Madden boots and wingtips: After dragging my mom from Neimans to Nordstrom searching for boots in my home state of Texas (where boots are for function, not fashion), I went with my instinct and stopped by Steve Madden. As soon as we walked up, just like with the doggie in the window, I spotted the perfect pair. We were greeted by associates handing out scratch-off discounts and while exciting at first, I’m pretty sure they were all the same since my mom and I both revealed 25 percent off. To make a long story short (too late?) the boots rang up $50 less than marked and with the added discount, my mom purchased that great pair of no-lace-required wingtips with a jersey accent for a total of $150! Now that’s a two-fer!

(If you are still stuck on the fact that I shop with my mom, please move on—unless you’d like to send a belated birthday present, in which case, I invite you to judge as much as you like.)

Dazzled by the Kaleidoscope of Uniqlo

It was with great remorse that I recently discarded my favorite pair of black pants. A hole formed on the inside of the upper right thigh—the most embarrassing place for a hole to ever form—especially because I was completely oblivious to it for who knows how long!

In need of pants at a reasonable price, (I work against the school of thought that one should invest in basics. I find basics boring and unworthy of my money), I decided to check out the Uniqlo Global Flagship on 5th Avenue.

It turned out to be pretty much as I anticipated: a basics store with affordable prices and decently made clothes. I don’t get overly excited about this stuff as it’s been basic-ed out of having any personality. However, I found a blazer that got my hopes up, but was disappointed once I tried it on finding that it was cut funny, or that I’m cut funny—either being a valid possibility. Surprisingly, the excursion turned out to be an exciting experience. Was it because of the three flights of stairs that all lit up and changed colors? Or the sensory overload due to panels of edge-to-edge LCD screens? The awesome colored sock merchandising? Or that I got my pants altered for free? All of those things made me as giddy as if someone had finally taken me to Disneyworld, ahem, but what really did it was getting a pair of black pants priced at $69.99, marked down to $39.99 and ringing up for $19.99! I ended up paying just over $30 for the pants and four pairs of nifty socks. I’ll definitely return for inexpensive basics, and also to have the staff continue to compliment my hair.

Maybe it doesn’t take much to excite me, just a great deal…and some revolving mannequins. Those really did it for me.

Adam Thomas Eisenhut is downtown’s new style blogger. Read about his latest adventures in menswear at

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