Big man on campus: Providence, Rhode Island

We asked MR‘s summer interns to keep their cool-hunting instincts sharp with a fall 2012 Man On The Street: Campus Edition trend report. Amy Sciaretta, Fashion Merchandising major at Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island, turned her eyes and camera on a street fair packed with Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design students.

“I was surprised at how much fun they had with it,” says Amy. “Being in the Brown/RISD area I found guys with really creative style who gave really funny answers when we asked them about their ‘fashion philosophy.’ What was most different were their shoes, which I found to be the one item that really stood out in every outfit.”

Name: Andrew. School: RISD. Major: print making. Fashion Philosophy: “dirty mixed with clean cut”

Andrew’s oxblood oxfords

Name: Andrew. school: RISD. Major: Architecture. Fashion philosophy: “relatively rugged”

Andrew’s suede blucher mocs

Andrew’s cuff

Name: Daniel. School: RISD. Major: furniture. Fashion Philosophy: “Whatever I see and feels good.”

Daniel’s beaded belt

Daniel’s kicks

Name: Ben. School: RISD. Major: furniture. Fashion Philosophy: “practical and affordable”

Ben’s boots

Name: Advent. School: RISD. Major: furniture. Fashion Philosophy: “A combination of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.”

Advent’s confetti-kicks

Name: August. School: RISD. Major: furniture. Fashion Philosophy: “Just out of bed, but you got to have flash on the socks.”

True to his word, August’s lilac socks

Name: Caleb. School: RISD. Major: metal smithing and print making. Fashion philosophy: “I wear what’s comfortable and functional.”

Caleb’s L.L. Bean-bag

Caleb’s workin’ the Birkens

Name: Ryan. School: Brown University. Major: electronic music. Fashion philosophy: “If All Saints and J. Crew ran into each other.”

Ryan’s cool collab sweatshirt

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