Study: Black Friday a tradition, even without deals

NEW YORK—One-third of the country plans to shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, according to a survey by WSL/Strategic Retail. The survey found that while consumers don’t necessarily expect the best deals on Black Friday, they enjoy the tradition.

WSL/Strategic Retail’s How America Shops Black Friday survey was conducted online from November 1-5, 2012 with 1,020 American adults.

“Black Friday is an event, an annual ritual that, for many, marks the opening of the holiday season,” commented WSL/Strategic Retail CEO Wendy Liebmann. “The excitement of getting to stores early, hunting down hot items and even picking up a few special gifts for themselves, all factor into the emotional draw of Black Friday—often outweighing the promise of getting the lowest price.”

Added WSL’s president Candace Corlett, “The notoriety for best bargains is slowly diminishing: a remarkable 88 percent of Black Friday shoppers are now aware that they can check promotion prices online beforehand to see if it’s worth making the trip.”

The survey also found that most (80 percent) of Black Friday shoppers plan to shop for themselves, as well as for the holidays. Half of those shoppers are under 35.

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