Trade show trends

With this season’s New York men’s market at an end, three cyclical trends stood out like sore sartorial thumbs. Across Capsule, Project, Agenda and MRket, it seemed almost every brand present displayed one or more of the F/W ’13 triumvirate: studs, leopard print, and camo. Lots of camo. If we didn’t see camo on a rack or stand in each booth, it was being physically worn by the person(s) there, or finally, failing that, being sat on.

Besides friend of MR and show-sidekick Rudy Gonzales of Cockpit USA, we didn’t spot any men in leopard print. While visually somewhat similar, camo is evidently more comfortably assimilated as a menswear staple than the perhaps more historically feminine leopard print. We’ve seen camo on a comeback course for a few years now, but have never seen the sheer volume witnessed these passed few days. Perhaps, while clearly embraced by designers, it will take a little longer before the spotted cat-coat-inspired print is as ubiquitously accepted as the military mainstay.

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