Wedding wardrobe disasters

MR editor-in-chief Karen Alberg Grossman shared a story about her last minute wardrobe change in her April issue editor’s letter. When Karen told the story to the MR staff, it turned out many of us had some wedding wardrobe stories to share. Here are a couple of them:

William Buckley, fashion director I got an invitation to a wedding from a very close friend, to be held in a little medieval church in the English countryside. The invitation said ‘Men in Morning Suits.’ I should be a better Englishman than this, but unfortunately I didn’t know there was specific formal wear called a Morning Suit, and assumed suits were to be worn in the morning, but something more comfortable (i.e. not a suit) should be brought to wear afterwards. I arrived at the wedding in a navy suit. Everyone else was wearing waistcoats, tails, and pinstripe trousers, aka Morning Suits. It still didn’t twig though, that this was in any way connected to the Morning Suit stipulation on the invitation. Instead, I thought the bride, who had invited me, had purposefully excluded me from the dress code memo because I was a second-tier guest. Furious, I bit my tongue during the ceremony and the reception dinner, and left directly after without a word to anyone. A week later, when the bride asked me where I had gone, I expressed what had now simmered from fashion fury to a more moderate vexation regarding the dress code. She explained. I was silent. And then as embarrassed as I’ve ever been in my life.

Michelle Brown, associate publisher I was a bridesmaid back in the mid-80’s in a large wedding party. The eight guys wore tuxes with tails and top hats. We girls wore outfits straight out of Gone with the Wind. The flounced dresses were each in different color with dyed-to-match shoes and parasol, and white gloves to complete the look. Being 24 and working at my first job at a coat company making no money and spending over $100 on the dress alone, was distressing. Not to worry. I was told I could always wear my peach off-the-shoulder gown again. Not sure where. Maybe to Studio 54 or Limelight? The dress had elastic at the neck to hold it in place, which snapped before the wedding ceremony. Safety pins kept it from falling. While dancing the night away, I caught the hem under my heel and ripped the flounce off the bottom of the dress. After the wedding, the first thing I did was tear off that dress, ball it up and drop it down the incinerator chute.

Do you have a great wedding wardrobe disaster story? Comment below to add your own or e-mail it to web editor Harry Sheff at

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