New fit mannequins for Northern Europe

Alvanon mannequins

A new range of technical fit mannequins has been developed to help garment suppliers to make better fitting apparel for consumers in Germany and across Northern and Eastern Europe.

The AlvaForm Hohenstein Series has been launched by apparel sizing and fit specialist Alvanon with research organization the Hohenstein Institute.

The mannequins are based on a new optimum fit standard obtained from 3D body scan measurements and health data taken from over 25,000 men and women aged 30-55 in the region.

The series is claimed to “significantly improve” the fit experience for consumers, boosting conversion and sell-through rates for retailers, while reducing returns and improving brand loyalty.

“There is no official, existing standard for fit in the EU to cover the more mature consumer body shape, and most brands and manufacturers are still relying on decades-old standards, inconsistently tweaked or adjusted based on anecdotal customer feedback,” said Ed Gribbin, Alvanon president.

“The new Alvanon Hohenstein standard will be available with immediate effect to any brand, retailer or manufacturer, with the hope that it serves as the new, more accurate, ‘de facto’ standard for apparel fit in Germany and across northern and Eastern Europe.”

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