The Dapper Man Shop

By Thea Moresco

The Dapper Man Shop is an online-to-offline pop-up shop offering high-end men’s fashion. Located at 498 Broome Street and West Broadway, it’s a must-go if conversing with dapper men is your calling.

The shop features five companies: Black Lapel, Pengallan, The Collaterals, Everett and Fresh Neck. Black Lapel is an online company that allows customers to create their own wardrobes using their precise measurements. Pengallan is a New York-based men’s apparel and accessories brand, specializing in slim-fit boxers that won’t bunch under dress pants. The Collaterals‘ mission is to provide the modern man with fashionable and functional collar fasteners and cufflinks. Everett sells neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and various other expressive accessories. Lastly, Fresh Neck is “Netflix for ties,” allowing monthly subscribers to choose, wear and exchange ties and accessories online from a wide selection of designers.

Derek Tian and Warren Liao, the founders of Black Lapel, both worked in finance before starting the company a year ago. Since they wore suits and ties every day to the office, they spent lots of time and money on tailoring. Instead, they wanted to be able to buy a suit tailored to their measurements from the outset.  Black Lapel makes it very simple for anyone to go online and design suits, shirts, blazers, pants and vests to fit their own bodies. Pick from a selection of fabrics, colors, fits and sartorial details, and then with the help of a video tutorial, you can record your measurements. Voila, you have a luxury custom suit designed by you and delivered to you doorstep.

At Fresh Neck, they believe that buying ties at expensive retail prices and wearing the same few in your closet over and over again is out of style. Plus, everyone has a few ties that they wear once, but which then end up collecting dust in the back of the closet. lets you rent a few ties, bow ties, pocket squares and cufflinks every month; the quantity and assortment varies depending on your level of subscription. So if you’ve been dying to try a pink Versace tie and a purple polka dotted Altea pocket square, now you can—risk free and for a fraction of the cost.

On, you’ll find an array of super-cool neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and other sundries that are “lovingly handcrafted in New York City.” With the variety of carefully selected colors and patterns, an Everett accessory or two adds a special touch to the wearer’s outfit.

Make sure to stop by the Dapper Man Shop from Thursday, June 6th through Sunday the 9th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily to get a look at these five exciting newcomers to the industry.

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