Next generation neckwear

Russell CahnFamous for its high margins, great service and gifts of home-made biscotti that sometimes accompany neckwear deliveries, Private Stock neckwear has added a new generation–of neckwear and of family. The Russell label is designed by Russell Cahn (son of Gary and Jane) who now heads up the contemporary division of this highly popular tie company.

The first Russell collection (for spring ’14 selling) is designed for those better men’s specialty stores that are selling narrow lapel clothing. The ties ($23-$25 wholesale) are 2 and 3/4 inches wide and include silks, silk knits, and silk/wool blends. Colors and patterns are fresh takes on the classics; the knit ties feature pointed rather than straight bottoms and are booking best in dark solids.

Russell NeckwearA recent college grad, Russell has actually been working in the family business for several years now, coloring ties, packing cartons, and selling at trade shows. (He recently shocked his parents by getting the biggest-ever order from an important buyer at the last MRket show.) And while his talents do not extend to helping his mom bake her famous biscotti, Russ is an active volunteer in his local rescue squad, which is why his dad thinks he’s going to rescue the menswear business.

Good luck Russ: we’re rooting for you!

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