Are menswear sales outpacing women’s?

AsktheExpertsQ: My menswear sales have been outpacing my sales of women’s wear for quite some time. Is this an overall market trend, or do I need to change the way I’m buying women’s wear (or get rid of it all together)?

A: Your trend is not that different from the trends we’ve been seeing. That doesn’t make it a great situation, but that’s just the current picture, and we’ve been seeing this trend for about two years now. So, here are a couple of action steps that may help you pick up the pace of your women’s wear sales (or all sales):

1. Test new products –- then test again, and again. Increase your vendor structure turnover.
2. Build more sales stories. Every week set a goal to collect great selling stories. This gives your sellers new information to work with when they speak with customers.

Good luck!

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