Something special

It’s not your ordinary showroom, nor is it your ordinary menswear collection.

Vivek NagraniIf you have a few minutes between this week’s trade shows, do yourself a favor and jump up to 77th Street off Fifth Avenue to check out Vivek Nagrani’s new “lodge.” The space is so extraordinary that I can’t begin to describe it here but I guarantee that you will be enchanted!

And then there’s the collection itself: upscale, elegant but at the same time very hip and downtown. Famous for fashion socks and innovative underwear, Nagrani has outdone himself with fabulous lightweight tailored clothing (made in Italy, unconstructed, and designed to be worn everywhere for everything, $1,895 suggested retail for the suits), hand-crafted five-fold ties ($145), perfectly designed shirts ($295 and outselling similar shirts with luxury labels at twice the price), innovative cuff links ($195) and much more. I especially loved the cashmere/viscose scarfs and cool pocket squares created by a young Italian tattoo artist. (Vivek is on a waitlist for a tattoo…)

pocket squares

“Specialty store retailers have come to expect only the best from Vivek and he has delivered,” says Kevin Hansen at Badowers. “His product is great; his vision even greater,” agrees Tyler Mitchell of Mitchell stores. “If specialty stores had the courage to embrace his vision, they’d be extremely successful,” asserts Chris Blowers at Greiners.

Mario Bisio and Vivek Nagrani

Vivek’s “lodge” is at 16 East 77th Street; for appointments, Brent Cheney: 212-684-4338 or 806-773-8264.

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