How Much Wood…

By Thea Moresco

As the daughter of Luciano Moresco, I’ve attended both the NY and LV MRket shows to help my father at his booth. He brought me along to crawl behind the dividers to plug light fixtures into outlets, get coffee and to meet his friends. This summer, my task as an editorial assistant at MR was to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the accessories business.

New York market was full of accessories made from good ol’ trees. LSTN headphones and WeWOOD watches produce innovative and practical gadgets while being socially conscious.

Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff

I spoke to Bridget Hilton, the founder, and Joe Huff, “the director of positivity,” of LSTN headphones, which are made from reclaimed wood. “We didn’t want to start another headphone company,” Huff avidly explains. “We wanted to start a company that could change the world through the power of music.”

LSTN headphones

Both Hilton and Huff are musicians, and are inspired by the natural acoustic quality of wood. LSTN partnered with Starkey Hearing Foundation to help restore hearing for a person in need with every pair that they sell; In August the duo is traveling to Peru to donate 10,000 hearing aids (Editor’s note: Starkey donates over 1 million hearing aids a decade, 100,000 a year, in a 120 countries including the U.S. Most people don’t know that there are 275 million people in the world with hearing impairments and nine out of ten can be helped with a hearing aid). This brand offers three styles in three colors (beech, cherry and ebony): ear buds retail for $50, over-ear foldable headphones are $100, and regular over-ear is $150. LSTN earphones are sold at boutiques, record stores, Whole Foods or online at


WeWOOD constructs 100% natural wood watches crafted in Italy. They are super lightweight, sleek and environmentally friendly. Similar to LSTN, WeWOOD gives back and saves trees by using leftover pieces of timber. WeWOOD teamed up with American Forests and Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every watch sold. They’ve already planted 180,000 trees globally, hoping to reach their goal of 1 million trees by 2020.

They offer six different styles, in nine different types of wood. WeWOOD watches are sold online at, and and retail prices range from $120 to $140.

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