Denim Dissected: The Blue Jeans Bible

DenimHandbook-largeTo help maximize sales, the editors of MR have compiled our first-ever Denim Handbook, a comprehensive guide to everything stores need to know about selling (and romancing) denim. Even in this era of information overload, we believe that a concise, well-researched manual such as this can seriously boost volume and profits.

Bottom line: When business (both denim and contemporary in general) was more brand- and logo-driven, things were easier. Each brand had a somewhat identifiable image that could be readily communicated via advertising and in-store displays. Now that the look is less about branding and more about “simple design, good fabrics and perfect fit” (according to survey respondents), knowledgeable sellers are the retailers’ best weapon.

To download a PDF version of the Denim Handbook, click here.

For paper copies, contact Elise Diamantini at

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