The Power of Good Clothes

I recently had dinner in Coral Gables with a lovely, newly engaged young couple: Marianna and Otto. Since their romance is predicated on men’s clothing, I thought I’d share their story.

Marianna and Otto

According to Marianna, they first met in Nordstrom: Otto had spotted her in the men’s department and was circling around; she thought he was cute so she approached him with a shirt, innocently asking his opinion, and if he thought her brother would like it. (“I used my brother because I didn’t want him to think I had a boyfriend…”)

It was love at first sight except for one problem: she didn’t like the way he dressed. “In Venezuela where I’m from, people take great pride in their appearance. Otto is so handsome but he dressed like he didn’t care: old baggy tee shirts, pants several sizes too big! (He didn’t even know his pants size: he’d buy a size 40 when he’s actually a 36 and just pull the belt a little tighter.)”

Fortunately, Otto was smart enough not to risk losing this beautiful and brilliant young lady (she’s a successful investment advisor). So early on in their relationship, he agreed to a few shopping excursions where he acquiesced to her every suggestion and ended up with a whole new wardrobe, suits included. Needless to say, Marianna was delighted. “When my best friend first saw him wearing a suit that actually fit, she cried out ‘I knew it! I knew he was a great catch; it was just hard to tell under all the wrong clothes.’”

The couple will marry in Miami this January. We wish them much happiness and many more successful shopping excursions…

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