Happy (belated) National Bow Tie Day!

June2013-Furnishings-CountessMara-292x500No longer the neckwear of choice of antique dealers, Harvard professors, and Pee Wee Herman, the bow tie is resurging and making its way into guys’ everyday wardrobe, more so than ever.

The neckwear business is up 20% to about $800 million this year from $677 million in 2008, and the bow tie is the rising star. Bow ties represent 7% of total neckwear sales, an increase from 4% last year.

“Where some retailers dabbled in bow ties previously,” says John Kammeier, Randa’s SVP Neckwear, “this year they’re making a statement with a large assortment and this strategy is proving successful.”  2013 trends are, “reversible, seasonal, conversational, novelty, and formal and special occasion.” Randa expects to ship nearly 2 million bow tie shipments in 2013, more bow ties than all the bow ties shipped in the company’s 102 year history, combined.

“There is a cultural trend,” says David J. Katz, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Randa, “with a couple of things attracting attention to bow ties. First there is what is coming from the media, and the television and film worlds. And second, the psychology of counter-generational dressing.”

“The accessory becomes a statement of personality,” says Tom Julian, Director of Strategic Business Development at The Doneger Group. “Rather than the demographic it’s the psychographic. He can be a prepster, a hipster, a geek, a surfer, a rocker. (It’s) a way to stand out; to look distinct.”

Bow ties are hot and getting hotter. For bow tie aficionados, bow tie day is every day.

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