Obituary: Bobby Yosten

Bobby YostenBobby Yosten, a longtime buyer at Alandales in Culver City, Calif., has died. He was 64.

Alandales owner Irene Becker remembered him for his sense of humor and his loyalty. “I have known Bobby for five years, and in that short time I learned more from him than I can ever say! His true love of this business, unconditional support, passion for life, exceptional character, fierce loyalty and tremendous sense of humor made him a very unique person.”
Glenn Laiken, who founded Alandales in 1969, said Yosten was well-liked by both his vendors and his customers at the store. “Bobby and I worked together at Alandales for 17 years. In the 39 years I was at Alandales, rarely if ever did I have an associate who cared as much as Bobby. He lived to come to work every day, it was so much of his life.”

Laiken remembered his attention to detail and how much he loved the trade shows. “He knew all the vendors, never failed to stop by and say ‘Hi’ to those we did business with in the past as well as the now. He was never afraid to confront a vendor with a sticky situation, and somehow did it in ways that made our working relationships even closer and stronger. He loved to play craps, standing at the table in the evenings, watching people, he loved to study people. He was very good with numbers, knew when something felt right, and had a high percentage of success going with those feelings.”

Jack Makoujy, president of Schuyler 4 Clothing, called Bobby Yosten “a fixture in the menswear industry in Southern California.”

“We met in 1971 when he was with Rudnick’s in Beverly Hills and I was selling Individualized Shirts,” Makoujy continued. “Through his career he worked for other top men’s stores and for several years had a store of his own. For the last decade and a half he has been a fixture with Alandales in Culver City. He knew them all: Actors, writers, heads of studios, comedians, restaurateurs, hotel owners and the like. I looked forward to our weekly conversations with his very funny stories of his experiences in our industry and with some of the Hollywood elite. Bobby Yosten was a man of the old school. I will miss him.”

Larry Hymes, director of sales for MRket, said, “I have known Bobby for the past 35 years. Over the last few decades we became very good friends speaking almost every day. Bobby’s customers were a who’s who in L.A., especially in the entertainment industry. I always enjoyed listening to his many stories. His jokes were timeless. To know Bobby was to truly love him. Bobby, you will be greatly missed.”

“Bobby touched a lot of lives and was such a passionate person,” said Ken Haruta, owner of the West Coast Trend Show. “I will miss the stories that he shared and the mischievous side of him that I was able to experience. Bobby had high standards and if he called you with a question or concern he expected a call back with an answer or solution that day. Bobby was one of a few buyers who would make a point to stop by to visit and look at new vendors at our regional LA Show.”

“I used to talk to Bobby on a weekly basis,” said Jenny Au, national sales manager for Raffi Linea Uomo. “He loved making jokes and flirting with the ladies. He was old school, and he looked forward to work everyday—you don’t find that often. He really knew his customers and his product and was a great negotiator. I will miss him dearly.”

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