Editor’s Letter: Reasons for Optimism

The top ten reasons for optimism in 2014

10 While the overall economy is not perfect, the stock market reached an all-time high in 2013, up more than 20 percent, with home values also on the rebound. The outlook for 2014 is stable, which is about as much as one could hope for these days.

9 Was it Fred Pressman of Barneys who famously observed that people still wear clothes every day; no one’s running around naked? We believe now more than ever, men care about their appearance. We can help them look good, and maybe make a few bucks in the process.

8 If you’re still in business, that’s good news, as there are fewer and fewer retailers and vendors each year. Those who have made it this far have a better shot at being here next year.

7 International tourism is surging, bringing another potential source of income. For retailers, that could mean incremental sales. For vendors, it’s the oldest form of international social networking: when tourists bring home your product and tell others about it.

6 Winter is almost over and, by the time you read this, the days will be getting lighter and longer. That’s always a reason to be optimistic. Nothing raises spirits like long sunny days, especially after our current winter.

5 We finally made it through a year that ended in unlucky 13, during which we had two Friday the 13ths! (Next year has only one, so things are bound to improve…)

4 Menswear is looking better than ever. At the Loews hotel in Miami where she’s vacationing, our own Michelle Brown called us to rave about the many fabulous presentations at the hotel gift store: Ike Behar, Mirto, Bugatchi, Robert Graham, Paul & Shark, Lacoste, 34 Heritage, Dunhill, Tateossian and more. “The men’s department trumped women’s by a long shot. And men are actually shopping!” she reported.

3 Based on the amount of scaffolding in Manhattan, there’s a construction boom going on and those who own real estate should be feeling richer than they have in a long time. (Of course, those who don’t own now are less likely to ever afford it, but maybe they’ll console themselves by shopping!)

2 The World Cup in Brazil and the Winter Olympics in Sochi will bring the world together, twice in the same year, always cause for celebration.

1 A new year is generally a time of hope: with every year older, we’re (allegedly) a year wiser. What’s more, January 31, 2014 brings in the Year of the Horse which, according to Chinese astrology, “should be a year of great energy and power for those who can grab hold and hang on.” So grab hold, hang on, and go for it!

Power Team 2014

Wishing all of our MR friends a year filled with good health, great business, genuine laughter and dreams come true.

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