Suit Up, Shape Up!

Frustrated that they were selling the same old fabric swatches to their account base of custom tailors (not known to be risk-takers), Mickey Solomon and the folks at Gladson decided to raise the bar by hand selecting 32 fine fabrics (super 130s, linens, wool/silk/linen blends) appropriate for the slimmer-fit suits and bolder sportcoats now trending in men’s fashion.

Gladson before and after

Gladson-Update Your ProfileThen to reinforce the modern message, they created an educational print piece — at left, click to download a PDF version — that spells out how the new slimmer-fit clothing can enhance a guy’s image, regardless of age or body type. The models chosen for the shoot were mostly actors who were instructed to show up in their own clothing (for the “before” shots); not surprisingly, they all looked taller, thinner, cooler and sexier in their properly fitted custom-made suits!

For more info on Gladson’s exceptional custom clothing program, contact Blanche Houseknecht at

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