Well Dressed Men: Elliot Aronow

Elliot Aronow moved to New York eight years ago and has established himself as something of an entrepreneur. After an editorial position at The Fader, Aronow co-founded music download site RCRD LBL, writes a weekly column about men’s style for Playboy.com called Self Styled with Elliot Aronow, publishes a seasonal arts and culture magazine entitled Our Show with Elliot Aronow, and last year founded neckwear brand Jacques Elliott.

Elliot AronowWhy do you dress up?
I’ve always thought of clothing as the vehicle for the vibe you want to give off. In a world where we can’t control much, I like that we can all assemble ourselves in a way that gives our day that extra hit of pleasure.

Describe your personal style.
I strive to look like someone who is really well put together, but clearly doesn’t have a “real” job. Like a TV personality or a dapper rapper. It’s somewhere between a Beastie Boy circa 1989 and a stoner English professor circa 1963, with a splash of punk rock/anti-authority wild style thrown in.

Who are your style icons?
Fab Five Freddy, John Lurie, The Clash, Malcolm McLaren, the Beastie Boys (until about 1995), Christian Hosoi….so many! My parents were super cool about letting me dress myself from an early age. They supported most of my looks, until I became a full fledged “punk rocker” and started dyeing my hair and wearing sweatshirts with band names safety-pinned to them. They weren’t too hype on that!

Where do you shop for suits/dressier clothing?
I got a lot of stuff made by Danny Lewis at Brooklyn Tailors; that’s my dude. I also dig on eBay and find rare pieces from old-school spots like Andover Shop or vintage J. Press. I love Carson Street Clothiers. Their in-house jackets are incredible and have a lovely slim, but never tight, fit.

Tell us about your first suit/jacket buying experience.
I went to Barneys, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t super Prada’d-out. People forget what it was like to be a smaller dude pre-“The Ludlow Suit.” Things clicked in a major way when I met Danny Lewis and Brooklyn Tailors. They made me a really smart tan corduroy suit that has been a favorite ever since.

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