August 2014 Las Vegas Show Preview: Liberty

We asked the Las Vegas trade shows to share a few of their most exciting new exhibitors. Next up: Liberty Las Vegas with Armando Cabral, Tintoria Mattei 954, 3×1, & Sons Garment Co. and Barena.

Armando Cabral

Armando Cabral

Founded by: Armando Cabral in 2009
Signature aesthetic: A balance between classic and contemporary sensibility. A take on elegance, minimalism and design.
Price points: Opening price point from $375 – $600
Retailers: Mr Porter, Super A market, Odin NYC
Direction for spring 2015: We kept the consistency of our brand aesthetic. Comfort, elegance and leisure feel for summer.

Tintoria Mattei 954

Tintoria Mattei 954

Founded by: Bassano Bresciano, Angelo and Teresa Cattina as a small tailoring workshop for the production of high quality shirts in the 1950s.
Signature aesthetic: The shirts are washed, then straight out of the dryer and do not stretch. Tintoria Mattei’s lifestyle is relaxed and engaged at the same time: it is the brand of young people studying, working and traveling the world. The Tintoria Mattei customer is an evolved and attentive person with a seemingly messy look, but created with great attention and research.

Price points: It starts from $185 to $300 with an average price around $250.
Retailers: Maxfield in L.A., Fred Segal in Santa Monica and hundreds of specialty stores in Europe.
Direction for spring 2015: A holiday in a cottage in Borghese taste, where the sea and the sand are mixed with pieces of modern art and design, and where the color is mixed with white and blue to indigo. The colors of the water—pink, blues and greens—express a style that evokes the Hawaiian luxury of the ’50s.



Founded by: Scott Morrison in February 2011.
Signature aesthetic: I wanted 3×1 to feel very different from the more prevalent ‘heritage’ aesthetic found in denim today, that is to say I wanted 3×1 to reflect more modern brand values (more relevant to today’s customer): impeccable quality and fit, brand integrity, and transparency into our process. I also thought it was critical to be both informative and educational in every aspect of our business, especially when introducing the world to selvedge denim and the first ever bespoke denim experience. From a strictly aesthetic point of view, the brand is very clean, modern and sophisticated, with a subtle nod to our downtown New York City home.
Price points: Ready-to-wear: $245-$395; Custom Made: $525-$750; Bespoke: $1,200 for the first pair, custom pricing for any subsequent pair of jeans.
Retailers: Mario’s, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks 5th Avenue, Ron Herman, etc.
Direction for spring 2015: The return to vintage. As always, 3×1 uses only selvedge (shuttle loom) denim, twills, and chambray for our collection and we’re introducing 15 new washes, all emphasizing our well worn opinion around spring/summer dressing.
Contact: 3×

& Sons Garment Co

& Sons Garment Co.

Founded by: Patrick Williams and Tim Brown, both veterans of Levi Strauss & Co. launched & Sons Garment Co. this year. Spring 2015 will be our inaugural season. Brown, after a stint in the West Coast with Vancouver’s Wings + Horns, and Patrick, most recently with L.S & Co. Asia, both decided to head home to Toronto to pool talents and launch a small, focused collection of high quality casual shirts.
Signature aesthetic: We consider our look to be urban cottage. Understated. Not trying too hard. Emphasis is on developing premium fabrics, classic styling with subtle detailing.
Price points: $120-$150 Retail
Direction for spring 2015: Denim has been a big influence this coming season. We use fabrications that are not necessarily denim-based but complement it, such as indigo and linen yarn dyes. We focused on surface interest and texture, soft hand, simple monochromatic motifs with subtle vintage angle.



Founded by: Sandro Zara, father of Massimo Pigozzo (the brand’s current designer) and creative director Francesca Zara in 1961 in Venice, Italy.
Signature aesthetic: Barena Venezia rediscovers the traditions of its origin in Venice, Italy to luxury tailored menswear with a leisure feel. Special focus is given to exclusive fabrications and construction details that make the garments unique in their simplicity.
Price points: Some average retail prices include: shirts $210, pants $300, jackets $750, coats $900, t-shirts $110, knits $300.
Who are your best retailers?
Retailers: Barneys, Carson Street Clothiers, Boyds, Haberdash, Beecroft & Bull.
Direction for spring 2015: Keeping with traditional silhouettes that a (Barena) man looks for, adding fresh prints and color to the mix.

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