August 2014 Las Vegas Show Preview: Agenda

We asked the Las Vegas trade shows to share a few of their most exciting new exhibitors. Next up: Agenda Las Vegas with Burton, Banks, Brooklyn Projects and Elwood.

AGENDA Trade Show - Burton


Burton was created in 1977 with the production of the Backhill, a board created by carpenter and CEO Jake Burton. For Jake, snowboarding has gone above and beyond what he has ever expected, and has led him to people and places that he would have never known. Burton’s goal is to give back to snowboarding what it has given to many people. The ethic that drives Burton comes from the reason why people ride, simply because they believe they owe it to snowboarding. Burton strives to create innovative and sustainable products aimed at snowboarders. Products include men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, snowboards, and snowboarding accessories and gear.

AGENDA Trade Show - Banks


Banks has a simple mission: to merge style functionality with a sustainable approach to design and development. Banks strives to create individual pieces that have a classic design approach with regard to paying attention to details. Because travel and the yearn for adventure is in the heart of Banks, they aim to add utility to each product they produce. Banks creates pieces that are functional, and can be used for everyday moments throughout our lives. Striving to be part of a movement for positive change and transformation, they create T-shirts, board shorts, shirts and accessories using 100% organic cotton, inks free of PVC, and 65% recycled polyester, ranging from $30 to $120 retail.

AGENDA Trade Show - Brooklyn Projects

Brooklyn Projects

Brooklyn Projects is a skateboard shop, streetwear boutique and art gallery, founded in 2002 by Dominick DeLuca in the heart of Los Angeles. Before Brooklyn Projects, he was the owner of Brooklyn house, Melrose Avenue’s original skate shop. DeLuca wanted to revive the heart of skateboarding in street-wise skate boutique, and so he teamed up with “Hiro” Nagano and “Merf” Osborne, they were able to do just that. Together they founded Brooklyn Projects, which offers a selection of top-notch skateboarding brands and street-couture lines. Brooklyn Projects would become known as LA’s premiere skateboarding headquarters and has skate boutiques located worldwide. Brooklyn Projects has stores, in LA, Japan, Canada, Toronto and Quebec, as well as an online store with products ranging from $20 to $30 retail.

AGENDA Trade Show - Elwood


Elwood Clothing was founded in 1999, and offers a wide variety of men’s clothing and accessories. Elwood Clothing carries everything from shorts, pants, tanks, T-shirts, shirts, joggers, hats and belts. Their products range from $3 to $50 retail, and can be found in stores like Zumiez, Tilly’s, Jackthreads, Urban Outfitters and on

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