History repeating


In menswear, the heritage trend is about authenticity, both real and perceived. Elise Diamantini talks to retailers about how they’re cashing in.

Street scenes: midtown lunch


Elise Diamantini took a “working lunch” in Bryant Park last week, snapping up shots of guys who were enjoying the sunny weather.

MR Q: Steven Alan

Steven Alan

Elise Diamantini: As the owner of eponymous retail stores, a sales showroom and his own wholesale lines, one might imagine Steven Alan to be a little arrogant. He is, in fact, the opposite—gracious and humble.

Feltraiger: New kids on the block

Jon and Daniel Feldman

Elise Diamantini visits Feltraiger, the latest menswear shop to open in the Lower East Side.

Beyond apparel: Miles Ink

Whipped Cream & Other Delights

Elise Diamantini: More menswear retailers are looking for categories outside of the typical realm of apparel to spice up the sales floor.

PF Flyers 75th Anniversary


Elise Diamantini: PF Flyers celebrated its 75th Anniversary at Bowery Diner.

Like a man


Elise Diamantini talk to Lost Boys’ Kelly Muccio about her latest Like a Man video series.

Crossing the bridge

Store design was inspired by the neighborhood’s aesthetic and made from locally sourced materials like reclaimed and recycled wood, steel and plastic.

Elise Diamantini visits Atrium’s latest store in Brooklyn, New York.

Beyond plaid: Contemporary retail survey


Elise Diamantini: There’s good news in contemporary business at retail. According to our survey of independent stores across the country, 85 percent reported increases in overall business.

One stop shop


Elise Diamantini: Opening a retail space that sells men’s apparel as well as a variety of non-apparel items, as NYC’s Lost Weekend does, is becoming increasingly popular.