Putting denim in Context


Since opening Madison, Wisconsin’s Context Clothing, Ryan Huber, Sam Parker and Ben Parker have adopted more of a lifestyle approach to buying and merchandising.

In the market: spring ’12 checklist


Elise Diamantini: Although at MR we’re anxiously awaiting fall ’12, we just can’t help but get that last look at spring before hibernating for the winter.

An editor in China

Elise Diamantini and Mr. Ding

Elise Diamantini:The Natsun Group (who owns and produces the Paul Betenly brand for the States) invited me to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary in China.

LTD, Wisconsin’s LA-inspired summer pop-up shop

Jason Fischer with Jake, his "right hand man."

Lake Elkhart in Wisconsin (home to the Elkhart race tracks) has a population of about 1,019, but in the summer months it can attract close to 10,000 people at a time. “I call it the Hamptons of Minnesota and Milwaukee,” says Jason Fischer who grew up on the lake and owns LTD, a small apparel […]

Unionmade: Making made in America cool


After 19 years of working in corporate America for the Gap, Todd Barket, like many people during the recession, lost his job. Barket took the opportunity to live out his American dream and opened Unionmade in San Francisco, Calif. “When I opened the store, few men’s specialty stores carried aspirational brands.” Of course, that’s since […]

Fashion’s Night Out at Opening Ceremony/Ace Hotel


Who better to conquer Fashion’s Night Out with than my favorite shopping buddy Jamel. We decided to avoid the downtown madness and hit up the Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel festivities on 29th and Broadway. Together they hosted the Argentinean-inspired el mercado de carnaval de Opening Ceremony. The Carnival was held inside the lobby […]

Las Vegas highlights

Tara Ocello and Jayme Thaler

If I seemed more relaxed this Vegas season it’s because I spent three days vacationing with my best friend in sunny Los Angeles before I arrived. That laid back LA lifestyle stayed with me throughout the four days of trade show craziness (and apparently continuing as I’m writing this blog) because I’m just keeping it […]

Contemporary roundtable: The boys club

Don Zuidema

Specialty store retailers share insight into the changing contemporary market. Many retailers are reporting positive results in contemporary business for 2011. Have you been experiencing similar increases? What do you attribute them to? Todd Epperley, Halls: Yes, our contemporary business is up high single digits. Contemporary as we’ve known it has changed dramatically. The modern […]

Not-so-hidden trend: Camouflage


A lot of my pre-Vegas conversations focused on what retailers were searching the spring 2012 market for. Over and over again I heard echoes of “less plaid” and “what’s after heritage?” (You can read September’s contemporary retail roundtable here.) We’re starting to see camouflage prints hit the floor for fall and based on what I […]

New York Market Week: Covered in Color

Ones Stroke

Running around the city in the dead of summer during New York market week doesn’t always leave you feeling refreshed (rather sticky, sweaty and in major need of a shower!). Luckily enough, I saw a lot of refreshing product that kept me energized on my search of finding what’s new and next in contemporary. Now […]