An American girl in Napoli

Until recently, I had never traveled outside of the United States. Can you even believe it? Never, ever. So when Karen approached me to go on a press trip sponsored by The Provincial Council of Naples and IRVAT to Napoli, all I could say was “Arrivederci New York!” We began our first day with a […]

Project Pollard

Andrew Pollard

Project’s new president is learning as he goes, and encouraging the contemporary market to do the same. You co-founded Kiki De Montparnasse and are the former VP of sales at Diesel USA and Sixty USA. What’s the state of contemporary business today? In my mind, the contemporary market is the most exciting category in men’s […]

Bloomie’s: Bullish and bearish


David Fisher, EVP men’s & kids’, shares his observations on the season. How’s business so far this season? Business overall is “okay.” The positive standout is tailored clothing. Bloomingdale’s hits a sweet spot when it comes to a well-priced suit that’s not too expensive and not too inexpensive in the $800 to $1,000 range. Burberry, […]

Outta the Park

Picture this: A man logs on to his computer. He chats with his personal stylist via Skype about his current style, apparel items that he already owns and what he might want or need. Based on his responses and her expertise she sends him a box filled with a couple of complete outfits. He “meets” […]

Gleek Out

Ok, I really hate to admit this, but I guess I will—I’m a “Gleek.” I fell in love the Fox television hit show Glee over the summer when they repeated season one and now I’m addicted. So you can imagine my excitement for this week’s season premiere. Put the show’s fantastic musical numbers and the […]

That’s Haute

After receiving $31 million in financing from Insight Venture Partners last June, L.A.-based HauteLook launched their dedicated menswear site in August. Keeping with the successful flash sale model, HauteLook offers a limited amount of merchandise at deeply discounted prices for a limited amount of time. At the time of this interview there were 300,000 registered […]

Scenes from Vegas

I’m back in New York and finally recovered from another Vegas trip. Here are a few snapshots from the shows. Stay tuned, we have some cool video coverage coming up in the next couple of days! Adam Bernhard and Tim Davis, Haute Look. Preppy cool… and loving the lavender. Ouigi Theodore and Gabriel Garcia, Brooklyn […]

A Blog About Blogs

Recently, someone in the industry asked me for a list of menswear blogs that I frequently read. There are a few great bloggers who have a real voice, point of view, interesting photographs and most importantly, a strong following. Blogging is an easy (and usually free) way for retailers to gain a presence on the […]

Marc Ecko’s New Muse

Wednesday night, Marc Ecko unveiled Lindsay Lohan as his muse for the fall 2010 Marc Ecko Cut & Sew ad campaign. The announcement was made at Manhattan’s MILK Studios without Lohan in physical attendance (she’s in a court-ordered rehab center), but her presence was there through “augmented reality.” Party-goers were able to interact with Lindsay […]

E-Commerce: Two to Watch

These two European e-tailers are making their way in the U.S. It’s a common misconception that it’s easy for independent specialty stores to build a web business. The start-up alone is a huge investment—in technology, hiring more staff, finding the time and managing the site. How can independents sell online without jeopardizing the brick […]