Destination: Grooming


Harry Sheff: By making their fragrance and grooming departments a larger part of their stores, Blackbird, Martinpatrick3 and Halls have become destination shops.

Neckwear Notes: Catching up with Jeff Sencer

Jeff Sencer

Harry Sheff catches up with Jeff Sencer, who joined furnishings maker Steven Land as a consultant nearly a year ago.

Danielle Mandelbaum launches neckwear company


Danielle Mandelbaum, a former Superba and PVH executive and daughter of Superba founder Mervyn Mandelbaum, has launched a new neckwear business.

Drinkwater’s: A tale of two markets

Gary Drinkwater

Harry Sheff: Gary Drinkwater’s compact Cambridge boutique effortlessly blends traditional clothing with neo-traditional sportswear.

Badowers: The fashion center

Michael Chilton and Kevin Hansen

Harry Sheff: Badowers has evolved, proving to both its owner and the greater world of menswear that Des Moines has a fashion customer.

Neiman Marcus to close Minneapolis store next year

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus will close its only Minneapolis store by July next year, according to local reports.

Untying neckwear

Ties at Haberdash in Chicago

Harry Sheff: In better men’s contemporary stores, neckwear sales aren’t always tied to tailored clothing anymore.

IAG promotes four executives at Oxxford, Measure Up, Gitman and Corbin


IAG president Joe Blair announced the promotions of Bob Denton, Jay Myers, Dana Dean and Sara Hutchison.

Ones to watch: Tellason

Tellason's TonyPatella and PeteSearson

Harry Sheff: The founders of Tellason started the company when the made in America trend was starting to build and when the economy was starting to crumble; both factors worked to their advantage.

Family Man: Pat Mon Pere Sr.

Pat Mon Pere Sr. and family

Harry Sheff: Pat Mon Pere Sr. owes his success to the perfect combination of instincts, business acumen and a large extended family.