Why Isn’t There More Out There on Cologne?

Last week our associate editor Elise Diamantini and I spent a while at the cologne counter at Bloomingdale’s SoHo, and we were dazzled by the skills and charisma of a saleswoman named Leslie. (Elise wrote about it here.) What we learned at Bloomingdale’s was that a good salesperson can focus you. Her stories gave the […]

Cut Back, But Don’t Cut Off

If you read our coverage of the vendor roundtable MR Magazine organized earlier this week, you heard Allan Ellinger giving some pretty tough advice on retail and vendor survival. He suggested making targeted cuts in inventory and people. He warned that too many businesses have been focusing on the top line, and that it’s time […]

The Store Closings Hoax

“Is it true all these apparel stores are closing their doors?” a reader asked us late last week via e-mail. She was asking about a long list of retailers that has been circulating the Internet with a panicked message about the recession and a warning not to buy gift cards from store that may be […]

Men’s Vogue, PMc and the State of Fashion Magazines

The day after Conde Nast announces it’s shutting down the barely three-year-old Men’s Vogue and making it a spring and fall supplement sold with the women’s magazine that gave birth to it, the fashion photographer Patrick McMullan announced that his iPhone magazine was finally available for download. A month earlier, Esquire seemed to try to […]

Everyone Still Needs Shoes

No one at this week’s Weintraub seminar was too frazzled by the economy to make a joke or two. “Neither Obama nor McCain advocate nudity,” said an upbeat Peter Boneparth. “And everyone still needs shoes.” Adam Rifkin, a banker who spoke at last April’s seminar, invoked Jay Leno, who had one about getting a free […]

The Sartorialist Shoots Gant

Gant, the classic American shirt firm turned lifestyle brand, is another one of those companies perfectly placed to ride the preppy trend that’s been helping everyone from J.Crew to J.Press. But then, since PVH sold the company to Sweden’s Pyramid Sportswear in 1999, things have steadily been building at Gant. And, Gant’s head of marketing […]

Menswear’s Response to the Economy

Has the look of menswear changed because of the economy? When I asked Jeff Blee, a furnishings merchandise manager at Brooks Brothers, he said if anything, it was getting more colorful. He called it “exuberant.” “We’re not playing it conservatively in spring,” he told me. “There’s so much life in the line. I’m hoping it […]

My Three-Year Quest for a Lousy Leather Tie

It started in about 1987: That’s when I saw my dad’s cousin Larry wearing a deep-red, narrow leather tie at some family function. I loved it, and I told him as much. I wasn’t yet in high school. Over the years I’ve probably joked about wanting a leather tie as an ironic homage to 80s […]

Fashion Week: Z Zegna

It’s amazing what an effect a good vantage point has at a runway show. Even though I had to stand at the Z Zegna show this week, my sightlines were great. I had a nice view of the runway, the cameras and some of the visiting dignitaries from GQ and Saks. With my unobstructed view, […]

Ten Thoughts From the Runways

Runways shows, particularly for menswear, are strange events. There are so many competing goals during Fashion Week – seeing and being seen, brand boosterism, socializing, trend-spotting, trend-making – it all gets mixed up. For purposes of showing real clothes I’ve gotten much more out of showroom events, but I love the excitement of the runway, […]