Experts Talk Recovery

We’re all looking for good news. Every vendor and retail I speak to asks me to report something positive. If you’ve got some good news, I tell them, I would love to report it. But most have news that is merely hopeful if it isn’t downright bad. Not that hopeful news isn’t a hopeful sign. […]

Men’s is in the Back

When I wrote about Topman, shaming them for being in the basement, and praising Uniqlo for putting menswear on the second floor, someone asked, “Who cares what floor menswear is on?” My answer is that men care. The average man doesn’t shop like the average woman—we all know that. So why lay out stores as […]

The Loudest Voices Aren’t Always Negative

My recent blog post, Listening to the Loudest Voices, may have been a bit too negative. In the post, I cited research from CARMA International, a media analysis firm, about how bloggers see big retailers. I focused on only one side of the study—the negative retail commentary—and ignored the genuinely positive reactions some bloggers have […]

This Line is a Sham

Underneath three floors of Topshop, Topman is an over-priced bunker full of polyester. “Listen,” said a disgruntled Topshop customer to the security guard at the door, “this is digusting. There’s nobody in the store. Why are you making everyone line up outside?” This was an excellent question. I was poised at the front of that […]

Listening to the Loudest Voices

A media research firm called CARMA International has released a survey in which they found that bloggers tend to loathe Walmart and adore Costco—not a surprise. Bloggers, they found, also tend to love Target and hate Macy’s. CARMA monitored some 50 million blogs every day during January and February, looking for mentions of 17 different […]

Neckwear at MRket

I had a lot of nice conversations with vendors on the first day of the MRket tradeshow in Las Vegas—the guys at Piloti, Sal Giardina from Jhane Barnes, Edo Popken, Laurie Aronson from Haspel, Gregor McCluskey from Braeval, and Richard Potapow from Cirrus Cashmere among them—but today’s blog will focus on ties. I’ve found that […]

Tim Leamy of Sebastian’s Closet

Tim Leamy of Sebastian’s Closet in Dallas is positive. “At the end of the day, retailers just live on optimism and hope for the next sale,” he told me. “If we don’t, if we start singing the mantra of doom and gloom … what alternative do we have than to be as positive as we […]

Hickey’s Designer Aaron Levine

The first thing I asked Hickey’s design director Aaron Levine when Elise Diamantini and I visited the Hickey offices this week was, “Did the gym shorts mesh tie make it into production?” Blessedly, it did. I was excited about the narrow knit tie when I saw it at Project New York last July, and I […]

The RVR Neckwear Party

In a season with few positive stories, it was comforting to be invited to Robert Valdes-Rodriguez’s celebration of a year in the neckwear business. The party, which was at the Pratt Mansion across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, wasn’t the only party during New York Market Week, but it could easily be […]

Luxury Merchants Say the Darndest Things

“Our regular client was not queuing on [Jan. 3 and 4] in Milan or Rome but was on the slopes in St. Moritz or on a boat in the Caribbean,” said Versace CEO Giancarlo Di Risio. The haughty executive was quoted in an Italian financial paper last week. He was scoffing at the notion that […]