Northern Grade, a Minneapolis menswear event


Northern Grade, a menswear pop-up market in Minneapolis, had a successful second annual event in September. Harry Sheff spoke to Katherine McMillan of the neckwear brand Pierrepont Hicks about how she and another Minnesota brand, J.W. Hulme Co., organized it.

Neckwear Notes: Florals and other patterns

Armstrong & Wilson pocket square

Harry Sheff: While the buying public may not be through with plaids for the next few seasons, fashion editors have been yearning for something new, and florals patterns are among the contenders.

Neckwear Notes: The return of the US-made knit tie

Paul Eilenberg

Harry Sheff: For years, it’s been common wisdom that American factories cannot make knit ties — until neckwear veteran Paul Eilenberg quietly introduced a colorful collection of American-made knits.

American factories: Red Wing Shoes


Harry Sheff and his brother Morgan Sheff tour the Red Wing Shoe factory and the S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota.

The thorny issue of internet sales tax


Harry Sheff: The issue of internet retail sales tax has independent brick-and-mortar retailers in the unfamiliar position of siding with Wal-Mart…against e-commerce giant Amazon.

American spirit: Made in America at retail


Independent retailers agree, when it comes to country of origin, customers do care. It could be the economy, or it could be the passion for all things Americana; maybe one explains the other. But made in America is resonating with the American consumer now more than ever. “I have six pieces of my latest Engineered […]

Neckwear Notes: Las Vegas


My Las Vegas schedule, as some of my colleagues out here know, has been curtailed by a nasty cold. I’ve spent more time in my hotel room than I’d care to. But I managed to make it down to MRket to visit some—alas, not all—of the neckwear manufacturers on my list. My first stop was […]

Neckwear Notes: The New York market


Moore & Giles: This tie case ($185 retail), was designed in collaboration with the Minnesota-based neckwear brand Pierrepont Hicks, which supplies the silk tie fabric that serves as its lining (in some versions). The case, in Titan Toffee leather, holds four ties. Moore & Giles is hoping to continue with its collaboration series. The previous […]

What I’m looking for at the Las Vegas shows


Hearing Stu and Karen talk about how many trips to Las Vegas—somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 to 50—makes me a little more comfortable about my modest eight trips. But after a certain number of trips and a certain number of fashion cycles, however small (I think I’ve already seen the death and rebirth of […]

Last minute market recap


Just before Las Vegas and a bit after the New York shows, here are some of the trends and ideas that caught my eye in the market lately, in no particular order. Magnetic collar stay entrepreneur and Würkin Stiffs founder Jonathan Boos is officially launching his Polo Stays product to do for polo shirt collars […]