Sportswear: Bottoms on top


Jillian Sprague: Non-denim pants and shorts lead sportswear’s surge.

Made in America: Foreign Appeal


Shoppers across the globe show interest in MIA. By Jillian Sprague American art and fashion have long had admirers abroad. More recently, some American brands that produce domestically have experienced sales growth in foreign nations. But do international retailers truly seek out brands because they’re made in the U.S.? Or are American-made goods simply trending […]

Pitkin County Dry Goods: A store for all seasons


Pitkin County Dry Goods brings high fashion to Aspen. Entrepreneur Don Fleisher moved to Aspen in 1968 and quickly noticed that it lacked a suitable clothing store. It seems he was unimpressed with the town’s actual dry goods outpost, where you could buy rope and bed pillows as well as your Levi’s. On July 4th, […]

Blackbird: Great heights

Nicole Miller Blackbird

One merchant’s unique vision makes Blackbird soar. Nicole Miller’s passion for retailing—not only for the four stores and e-commerce site she currently operates, but for her ideas yet to be turned into realities—is evident from the start. “The worst part of my job is that I want to do so much! I get impatient. I […]

Saks Fifth Avenue: Bouncing back


After a few tough suit-selling seasons, Saks’ VP and DMM of tailored clothing Shawn Howell reports that business is the best it’s been in years. Have suit styles changed at all over the past few years? No, it’s still two-button side vent for me. We are starting to see a little movement with three-roll-to-two, still […]

Consumer insights: Men who shop

Men who shop -- Jason

We asked New York professionals what they’re buying — and not buying. Jason Age: 37 Occupation: President of a public relations agency Office dress code: We say “dress to the client,” but I encourage everyone to dress with a strong point of view. If you aren’t sure why you put something on that day, it […]