The Never-Ending Trendquest

Tuesday’s Project seemed like it was picking up steam, or at least traffic, but an informal survey implied a lack of excitement—and the heady, party atmosphere of previous Projects was a no-show. The ennui was laid to rest at the feet of product—everybody seems to be waiting for the next “premium denim” or the apparel […]

A Spin Around Project, Then Into the Pool

First day of the first trade show of the Spring 2007 season, let’s roll! A quick walk around Project, and, I’ve got to say – there’s LOT’S of denim… but I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed by it as I was at the last Project show. Maybe it’s just the air conditioning, though, compared to […]

The MR Code

People often contact us wondering how to get their product into MR Magazine, so I just wanted to share a few tips that will help make everyone’s life a little easier. In the short term, I will be shooting our Las Vegas preview issue on Wednesday, July 26. If you are showing at The West […]

Whose Blog Is It Anyway?

A few weeks ago someone asked me to explain the difference between my alumni association’s Web site and its blog. I have to admit, though I designed both, I couldn’t offer a clear explanation. Since we are about to start blogging at, the magazine’s new Web site, I thought it might behoove us to […]

Three-Hundred Things

Anyone who knew me before I started working at MR knows that this job was probably the best thing that could happen to an attention-deficit-disordered (self-diagnosed) slacker like myself. It provides the opportunity to do 300 different things – covering the market, writing, producing photo shoots, styling – all while providing me with concrete deadlines […]