About Kevin McAdam

Kevin McAdam, Vice President, One Step Retail Solutions
Kevin is the author of the eBook “Succeeding in the Retail Business During Economic Stress," and Vice President of One Step Retail Solutions, the largest solution provider of POS software to specialty retail on the planet. Kevin has consulted retailers for One Step for the last seven years, bringing a diverse knowledge of management, marketing and retail industry research to his clients. He has overseen the decision process for major retailers investing in POS / Inventory Management / IT systems. His understanding of the “big picture” of the retail industry is what sets him apart in the world of technology service providers.

Ask Kevin about point-of-sale systems and inventory management

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POS systems are a treasure trove of customer data


POS system expert Kevin McAdam: Are you collecting customer data at the point of sale? Knowing your customers may be the best way to ensure sales growth.

Use your POS technology to expand your business


Kevin McAdam, our expert on POS and inventory management systems, takes a question about expanding your retail business.

Is your POS system just a glorified cash register?


Kevin McAdam: Many people mistakenly see training as an “interruption” to their business and they suffer as a result. Working hard is not necessarily the answer; instead, use the tools that are available to find a way to win despite circumstances around you.