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Karen Alberg Grossman picks a few key items to brighten your fall ’12 assortments.

New luxury neckwear: Ruth Graves, S.T.E.P.

Ruth Graves

Karen Alberg Grossman: Ruth Graves, who provides scarf and tie fabrics for numerous upscale designers, is now offering her own wholesale collection of neckwear and scarves.

The Italian Trade Commission: facing the future

ITC Ambassadors of Style: Gil Szczesny, Aniello Musella, Augusta Smergiessi

Karen Alberg Grossman speaks to Italian Trade Commissioner Dr. Aniello Musella about the future of Italian fashion.

Robert Graham jeanswear: standing apart

Gary Sims and Robert Stock

Karen Alberg Grossman: The addition of a jeanswear component that easily competes with the best denim out there brings Robert Graham to another level.

Ron Johnson: Can he do it?

Ron Johnson presenting the new strategy in New York

Karen Alberg Grossman: Can JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson’s everyday low price strategy prove successful? My feeling is that it can, depending mostly on the merchandise.

Ken Duane: A healthy balance

Ken Duane

Karen Alberg Grossman: In business and in life, PVH vice chairman Ken Duane knows what matters.

Luxury roundtable: Winning the one percent


Seven luxury merchants talk about the business: Russ Patrick, Neiman Marcus; Tom Ott, Saks Fifth Avenue; Bob Mitchell, Mitchells Stores; Ken Gushner, Boyds; Greg Eveloff, The Clotherie; Jeff Farbstein, Harry Rosen; and David Witman, Nordstrom.

Editor’s letter: What’s next?


Karen Alberg Grossman: More risk-taking, more creativity, at retail and wholesale.

Restaurant pix: Our Arno!

Milan Licul with Adolfo’s Stewart Golden

Karen Alberg Grossman: There’s a reason why Arno is the fashion industry’s favorite restaurant and it’s not just the lively bar scene, convenient garment center location and always fabulous food.

The in-store experience


Rom Pompei combines commerce, culture and community to create memorable in-store experiences.