’s menswear mavens: Glen Schanen

Glen Schanen

MR’s Online Retailer of the Year, GVP of menswear, Glen Schanen.’s menswear mavens: Andrea Dechtman

Andrea Dechtman

MR’s Online Retailer of the Year, Andrea Dechtman, GVP/planning manager for menswear.

MR’s Online Retailer of the Year: The magic of, online retailer of the year

MR honors its first Online Retailer of the Year,, and its leaders, Jeff Kantor and Kent Anderson. Story by Karen Alberg Grossman.

Editor’s letter: The dinosaur myth

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: For at least as long as I’ve been writing about retail, department stores have been portrayed as on the verge of extinction. How ironic therefore that this segment of the market is today among the healthiest!

Great shoes, too-long pants

Great shoes, too-long pants

Karen Alberg Grossman wonders why men who wear great shoes cover them up with pants hemmed too long.

Vinny Belts: Get waisted!

Vincent DePillo

Karen Alberg Grossman talks to belt designer Vincent DePillo, whose colorful fabric belts are made in Bridgeport, Conn.

Parisian style

Cotton jackets

Karen Alberg Grossman: Just back from Paris, Lee Leonard of DLS Apparel Group was totally inspired by the menswear, in the stores and on the streets.

MR’s “Items you might have missed” hit list for fall/holiday selling

Borgo 28

Karen Alberg Grossman: For those better specialty stores that still have open-to-buy, here’s a Top Ten list for fall/holiday 2012 based on the Vegas shows.

State of the industry

Ron Wurtzburger

Karen Alberg Grossman speaks with a random sampling of top menswear execs for an overview of whatʼs selling, whatʼs changing, and what lies ahead.

People: Mario Bisio

Mario Bisio

Karen Alberg Grossman: Mario Bisio embraces business the way he embraces life.