St. Croix: Quest for the Best


Domestic knitwear is alive and thriving in Winona, Minnesota. Bernie Brenner has a thing about collars. “Just look at that collar!” I heard St. Croix’s president/CEO exclaim with pride a good half dozen times in the course of my visit to the immaculate 40,000-plus sq. ft. factory. “With most knit polos, the collar rolls up […]

Spotlight: Miller Harris


“If only my grandfather had left me oil wells, rather than sewing machines…” —Miller Harris “Come January, my 17-year journey at the throttle of Viyella USA will end, at which time the brand will go to Canadian licensee Alphi Apparel Group,” industry veteran Miller Harris recently announced. “Spinnerstown Shuttle will ship fall ’11 and spring […]

10 years later: Recapturing amazing artistic photos of the Twin Towers


Charles Moretz is a photographer as well as creative director of GoldToeMoretz. Based on his body of work, Moretz was commissioned in the 1980s by Guy Tozzoli, president of the World Trade Centers Association, to take photos of the towers, photos Tozzoli later proclaimed to be the best he’d ever seen. For 20 years, these […]

Vegas Picks


A precarious economy is no match for beautiful clothes! Here, a few irresistible items for spring 2012 discovered at MRket, Project, MAGIC, Capsule and ENK. Although there was no dominant new trend, there were plenty of fresh takes on existing ones. And let’s face it, most American men have yet to purchase a soft sportcoat, […]

John Botte: The 9-11 Photographs

botte 001

What a powerful press preview last night at the The Calumet Gallery! Photographer John Botte is a former NYPD detective and experienced investigator whose position as a first responder gave him behind-the-scenes access to rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the attack. Working with black and white film and a Leica camera, Botte […]

Lest We Forget: 9-11 Tribute at Peter Elliot


A beautiful tribute to the fallen heroes of 9-11 can be seen in the windows of Peter Elliot on Madison Avenue. “We started planning it about a year ago,” says Elliot Rabin. “We wanted it to be uplifting rather than negative so we chose the headline ‘Good Will Prevail’ rather than ‘War Comes to America!’ […]

Retail revelation

Perfect pinstripes for fall at Massimo Bizzocchi

Often, it’s more about the shopping experience than the product. Take last week, for example. I’m on vacation and decided to drag my husband down to the meatpacking district to check out some of the cool stores that I never have time to visit while I’m working. Those of you who know Terry will confirm […]


hats 004

Among my favorite categories at the Vegas shows, hats add instant panache to any outfit, even mine!                                      These are from Broner and Robert Graham.  

There Ain’t No Cure


For those of us stuck working on this beautiful summer day, and for those of us depressed about stock market fluctuations, and for those who questioned my use of “ain’t” in a recent editorial: here’s a great song by The Who to take you back to the ’60s. Hope it brightens your day!

Editor’s Letter: Summertime Blues

Karen Alberg Grossman

There ain’t no cure, or is there? Maybe it’s the weather or the precarious state of the world (when isn’t the world in a precarious state?) but there seems to be an awful lot of complaining going on these days: a lot of yearning for the good old days and much dreaded anticipation of price […]