Catching up with Mitchell Lechner, president, PVH dress shirts


One of those famous PVH “lifers,” Mitch Lechner is proud of his 27 years at the company, as well he should be. “I started out on the Macy’s training program but the opportunity arose to join PVH when they were launching The Designer Group. I had the chance to get in on the ground floor […]

Catching up with knitwear designer Lenor Romano

Lenor Romano

New Year, New Company, New Attitude! You’ve been a division of Components Clothing/Components by John McCoy since 2003; why go out on your own? In a word: DIVORCE! The ending of my marriage to John McCoy was pretty complicated… It wasn’t just the personal, but the business was so entwined. So, going out on my […]

Luxury retail survey: Out of the woods?

Eton Shirts

Business is inching back up, but luxury menswear business is still “inexplicably erratic.” You could virtually hear the collective sighs of relief this holiday season as merchants of luxury menswear talked about their 2010 business. Although no one was uncorking the champagne (once wounded warriors are forever cautious), most merchants had a decent to good […]

Catching Up With: Doug Williams, CEO of HMX


Whatever you do, don’t ask Doug Williams about New Year’s resolutions. “I don’t believe in them,” he insists. “If you need to make resolutions once a year, you’re not living life in the present. I believe New Year’s Day is every morning when you wake up. You choose to be happy or unhappy; you live […]

January 2011 Editor’s Letter: Don’t Panic!

Karen Alberg Grossman

Price increases notwithstanding, apparel is still an amazing bargain. “Do one thing a day that scares you,” I recently read on a bumper sticker while stuck in traffic. Although I hoped that the driver wasn’t planning to execute his one scary thing while driving, I must admit that the message resonated loud and clear. For […]

Jackson, Mississippi: A city with soul


I had not much time on a brief pre-Christmas trip to Jackson, Mississippi but I did manage to run into Kinkade’s to check on how Keith Kinkade bravely launched a new retail venture two years ago as the economy was tanking. And in 1,700 square feet on the second floor of an unpretentious but charming […]

Cabby Couture

You know it’s a slow news day when The New York Times features a story on dress codes for cab drivers, not in the Style section but on their front page! I guess they figured that with the entire city out looking for bargains at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, no one was […]

Pat Mon Pere Sr. Keeps Winning Friends and Influencing People


Oh the stories! Talk to Patrick MonPere Sr. about retailing and you will undoubtedly hear many a tale about life itself. An exceptional merchant with a flair for both fashion and finance, MonPere has created a unique business model that combines 16 retail stores and a strong web/catalog business with promotional cash-raising sales for merchants […]

Item of the Week: XMI’s Signature Sportshirt

A shirt is a shirt is a shirt, conventional wisdom maintains. But according to specialty retailers around the country, sell-throughs on certain shirts outshine others, by far! Specifically, XMI’s signature shirt ($125-$185 retails) was re-launched two years ago and has been getting rave reviews ever since. “It’s not just the unique cut and fit,” says […]

Don Robbie, uncensored

Don Robbie

Karen Alberg Grossman: Don Robbie, who has designed for Cardin, St. Laurent and his own label, has been described as brilliant, outrageous and ever-exasperating.