Pat Mon Pere Sr. Keeps Winning Friends and Influencing People


Oh the stories! Talk to Patrick MonPere Sr. about retailing and you will undoubtedly hear many a tale about life itself. An exceptional merchant with a flair for both fashion and finance, MonPere has created a unique business model that combines 16 retail stores and a strong web/catalog business with promotional cash-raising sales for merchants […]

Item of the Week: XMI’s Signature Sportshirt

A shirt is a shirt is a shirt, conventional wisdom maintains. But according to specialty retailers around the country, sell-throughs on certain shirts outshine others, by far! Specifically, XMI’s signature shirt ($125-$185 retails) was re-launched two years ago and has been getting rave reviews ever since. “It’s not just the unique cut and fit,” says […]

Don Robbie, uncensored

Don Robbie

Karen Alberg Grossman: Don Robbie, who has designed for Cardin, St. Laurent and his own label, has been described as brilliant, outrageous and ever-exasperating.

Don’t Waste the Talent!

I have several talented, ambitious, once-successful industry friends who, thanks to our tenuous economy and the resultant corporate downsizing, are not working at the moment. According to several of them, they’re having trouble finding jobs because they are told they’re “overqualified” for many of the positions out there. My question is this: why not consider […]

Angels Among Us

I’m still on an incredible high from a magical evening last night: my friend Mike Wiesenthal, formerly of Harolds in the Heights and now at Saks in Houston, met his bone marrow donor, Randy Eckers, for the first time ever at a fabulous concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Mike’s 10-year-old son Jared, who had […]

Smooth Sailing for Nautica

Karen Murray

There are few execs in the menswear industry with the business savvy of Karen Murray, whose career includes running huge volume operations at Claiborne and now Nautica. With an intrinsic feel for department store merchandising and retailer-vendor partnerships coupled with an innate charm and ability to connect, she is among the most well-liked and well-respected […]

MRket Recap: High Energy, High Hopes!

Even with no pervasive new fashion trends, no available credit and plenty of inevitable cost increases looming on the horizon, optimism reigned at the spring 2011 MRket show in Vegas. Both retailers and vendors were upbeat (don’t you love this industry?), remaining focused on key items, lean inventory and quick turn. Most importantly, there was […]

Summer Shopping in NYC: One Man’s Take

I recently had lunch with an artist friend who worked for many years as a designer in the menswear industry and is now working full-time on his paintings. As always, our conversation wandered to the state of the industry and I automatically blamed the faltering economy. “I think the economy is a secondary factor,” he […]

Thanks for all the good wishes!

To everyone asking about my Dad, who underwent open-heart surgery almost three weeks ago, he’s out of the hospital and in rehab (Kessler) working really hard to get his strength back. No one other than Max Alberg would have even considered getting a very difficult valve replacement at age 92 but Mac just wasn’t ready […]

Italian Inspiration

A few days back from Florence and I’m having major withdrawal issues: where’s the home-made pasta and pizza, the bubbly prosecco and killer grappa and all that wonderful wine? The flavorful fresh fruits and vegetables always so artistically displayed (that somehow taste so much better than what we get stateside)? Where are the winding cobblestone […]