Celebrating Cool Clothes

For anyone in doubt, contemporary menswear is alive and well and living on the seventh floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. At an event at the store this past Thursday night, GQ magazine and Saks celebrated the newly expanded space with a fabulous DJ, lots of pretty cocktails and most importantly, tons of terrific clothes, “the […]

Get Thee to Bryant Park!

Though I’m certainly not a theater critic nor do I know much about comic opera, modern dance or classical music, what a fantastic program of free performances I discovered by accident last night on my way to Grand Central Station. Running from my office to make the 7:08 train to Stamford, I stumbled upon the […]

Las Vegas Revisited

As the dust settles on the spring 2010 Vegas menswear shows, astute retailers agree on several factors: 1) Spring 2010 inventory is planned down between 20-40 percent from last year, with most merchants planning to chase goods as needed; 2) Most retailers believe it’s better to focus on less basic merchandise that is somehow unique […]

Strange Bedfellows

Only in Vegas might one expect to spot the most unlikely characters hanging out together. When Paul Wattenberg first spotted rap/reality star Flavor Flav at the SW Steakhouse at the Wynn, he had no clue who he was. When his wife Linda filled him in, Wattenberg immediately called his grandson to get the scoop. Although […]

Vineyard Style

They might not be following the latest fashions on Milan runways but guys in Martha’s Vineyard earlier this month were looking cool and comfortable, with their own unique island flair (New England style…)

Talking Points

It’s tough to be blogging when the sun is shining (finally!) and I’m supposed to be on vacation but couldn’t go because of a postponed business meeting! That said, there’s good news out there and I can’t resist sharing it. The news: business is picking up! It might not show up yet in monthly figures […]

Fabulous Fathers!

It’s Father’s Day and I’m just back from breakfast with my parents at their home in Teaneck, NJ: our typical Sunday morning bagels and lox, my mom’s freshly brewed coffee and home-made marble cake, served with love, laughter, and lots of shared wisdom. I am surely the luckiest girl in the world to have these […]

Henry Grethel Receives Icon of Style Award from Syracuse University

It was a wonderful evening this past Wednesday when Henry Grethel was honored by his alma mater with the Icon of Style award. Even for Grethel, who has been honored numerous times during his long career, this was a special one. “There have been only a handful of moments in my career that have touched […]

What You Can Still Buy for 20 Bucks

“Darling you just have to see these shirts,” said luxury lifestyle writer Donald Charles Richardson, pulling me over to a rack of beautifully colored plaid wovens at a press event yesterday for Wrangler. And I have to admit, these were really nice shirts! And they were all 20 bucks. Retail!! (And Donald Charles, who as […]

Getting in the (Shopping) Zone

Who knows what really motivates people to buy apparel, but enthusiastic sellers who “look the part” and a relaxed, no-pressure environment are certainly key to the formula. I recently attended a “shopping party” (a modern take on Tupperware parties ) at a friend’s home for a women’s clothing line. It was called CAbi, for Carol […]