Clothes That Make a Man

The following essay was written and sent to me by a young aspiring writer. Its timing is significant: In light of the tenuous economy, more people than ever are in desperate need of clothing. If you’re in a position to donate (Cancelled orders, anyone?), please contact Fashion Delivers Inc., a wonderful organization established in 2005 […]

Show Time!

It was 5:30 p.m. on a frigid December 23rd in NYC, the eve of my holiday break after a tough few weeks of scrambling to meet deadlines. All I wanted to do was get home to Connecticut so I almost didn’t answer the phone (after months of consoling my depressed retailer friends, it was getting […]

Luxury Values

“Business is not quite up to last year, but it’s not bad,” confides the always elegant Domenico Spano, over dinner last week at The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station (which, by the way, was jam-packed with both New Yorkers and tourists. We may be in a recession, but we still had to wait 20 […]

Mac Retiring? You Must Be Kidding!!

It was a beautiful party last week at Arno’s that Steve Wax from Bounty Trading threw for Mac Alberg (65 years in the men’s industry, more than 35 with Macy’s and 22 with Bounty) and Stan Bauman, (40+ years at Bounty, in their women’s division.) Among those in attendance were Bounty founders Bob and Sara […]

Salesmanship 101

“I thought my boss was going to kill me,” Andrew Weisbrot, national sales director at Brioni, confided about a comment he made to a customer at Richards in Greenwich in front of Brioni USA president Todd Barrato. It was at a recent trunk show at Richards when a loyal Brioni customer walked over to Weisbrot […]

Wholeness of Life

I thought I was going to yet another fashion industry dinner honoring VIP industry executives with proceeds going to yet another worthy cause. (Not that I don’t love these dinners: I’m always so proud of our industry for its fundraising abilities and the many worthy causes we support!) But much to my surprise, the dinner […]

Black Brown Take Two

Let me start by stating my admiration for both Lord & Taylor and Joseph Abboud for collaborating on a store brand concept that places product over label. We all know how many meaningless designer names abound; how refreshing the belief that quality and design can trump superficial status labels! That said, the purpose of my […]

Obama’s Close Cut

“Close, like Obama…” is how South Side guys want their hair cut these days, according to Ishmael, owner of Hyde Park Salon where Barack’s been coming to get his hair cut for the past 15 years. And for sure, talk in the salon on this particular Friday in late-October was all about the election. Needless […]


“I saw a ton of Black & Blue men’s wear in Lord & Taylor,” a shopping-savvy friend of mine recently commented, knowing I’m in the business. “What’s the story there? It’s pretty expensive for an unknown brand. And they’ve got so much of it: I assume it must have been a close-out that they got […]

Scarf Style

As we move into some cool crisp fall weather, I’m wondering why menswear retailers aren’t making a bigger deal about scarves. Especially in an economy that has customers hesitating about big-ticket purchases, it seems that upfront presentations of gorgeous hand-knit and woven scarves would be perfect for promoting into holiday. After all, a special scarf […]