About Michael Dattoma

Michael Dattoma is President of The Bart Group Retail Merchant Services in New York. Michael has been consulting with specialty retailers for over 20 years. The Bart Group Retail Merchant Services delivers broad expertise to Independent Specialty Retailers in areas including Payment Processing, PCI Security Compliance, POS Inventory Control, as well as Mobile Marketing and Social Media. Michael and his team advocate for independent specialty retailers to help empower them with the resources, tools and expertise to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Ask Michael about payment processing and PCI security
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A reader asks POS systems expert Michael Dattoma, “How does Apple Pay work and how I can prepare my store for it?”

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Are you getting your share of the massive debit card cost reduction?


Michael Dattoma: the truth is the majority of merchants will not see much—if any—of the savings due them from the Durbin Amendment, which has effectively dropped the cost of debit card transactions by over 80 percent.

How to avoid costly credit card downgrades


Q: I understand there are some really high penalty rates with Visa and Mastercard for not following proper procedure. How do I know if I am doing things correctly so I can avoid penalty fees? A: Yes, you are correct, and this will lead me deeper into the topic of Interchange Plans. In the past […]

Making sense of the cap on debit card interchange


Q: I just read about the cap on debit card interchange, and I’m wondering how this will impact me as a five-store menswear chain. Will I see a significant drop in my fees? How will I be able to account for it? A: The passage of this legislation was a huge victory for retailers, a […]