Going Back to Pitti for Product


A reader asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt, “I’m hearing some merchants talk about going back to Italy for the Pitti Uomo menswear show — is it worth it?”

Retail Roundtable: Specialty Store Survival


Karen Alberg Grossman moderated a retailer panel discussion about challenges, opportunities and change in the specialty store business at the NW Buyers show in Bloomington, Minn.

Peter Rizzo: Brand Builder

MR Magazine

Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay SVP of design for menʼs private brands Peter Rizzo talks about how heʼs turning Black Brown 1826 into a household name.

The Hudson’s Bay/Lord & Taylor Menswear Team Takes Fashion Forward

Nelson Mui, Wayne Drummond, Jim Monteiro and Tom Eckrich

The menswear team at Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor is taking these heritage stores into the future. Pictured from left: men’s fashion director Nelson Mui, GMM Wayne Drummond, Hudson’s Bay DMM Jim Monteiro and Lord & Taylor DMM Tom Eckrich.

Furnishings Business: Optimism Amid Challenges


Dress shirts are doing well, but neckwear is a more complicated business: down some places, up in others, and full of intriguing niche opportunities.

Endless Opportunities

4_ROTY_Andrea Wasserman:Layout 1.qxd

SVP of e-commerce Andrea Wasserman oversees both and, making sure the sites function as sales, service and marketing tools 24/7.

Knit Ties: A Hot Trend or a Small Niche?

Culturata knit ties-FEATURED

Knit ties have done well editorially but haven’t quite broken into the mainstream. We asked several brands how they see the trend.

When is it a Good Idea to Overbuy?


A reader asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt, “If business is going to be okay in the fall, are there any categories I should overbuy in?

DLS Stores Discover Italian Excellence in Prato


Lee Leonard of DLS Outfitters talks about a trip that American retailers took to Prato, Italy to learn about Italian knitwear and accessories brands.

Guest Editorial: No Sane Retailer Would Ask a Customer for a Different Card

Jack Abelson-FEATURED

Jack Abelson questions the NRF’s premise that a court ruling would really lead to retailers asking customers to use a credit card with a lower swipe fee.