A Woman’s Work: GotStyle


Elise Diamantini: Melissa Austria has turned GotStyle into the place to shop for modern suits in Toronto.

How Can I Improve Sluggish Menswear Business?


Steve Pruitt: The current slow men’s business isn’t an economic problem, it’s a fashion problem.

Modern Combination: Carson Street Clothiers


Carson Street Clothiers co-owner Brian Trunzo on modern style: “It’s a combination of sportswear and tailoring, contemporary and heritage, designer and emerging—it’s whatever the wearer wants it to be.” By Elise Diamantini

Avallone Leather


N.J.-based Christopher Avallon started making leather bags in 2009 and dove into it full time in 2012.

Shaping Up

Mitch Lechner

Modern dress-up means modern furnishings. PVH’s Mitch Lechner tells us what that means. By Karen Alberg Grossman

Today’s Trad: The Armoury

Jake Grantham, Alan See, Ethan Amos and Mark Cho

Mark Cho, Alan See and Ethan Newton opened their first Armoury stores in Hong Kong. Once they discovered that 60% of their e-commerce came from the U.S., they opened in Manhattan.

Understanding Margin and Turnover


A readers asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt about the importance of margin and turnover for retailers.

What Drives Fashion?


A retailer asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt, “What is the primary driver of fashion demand?”

Big & Tall Business: Big Guys Speak Out

Ramone Medina

Our random sampling of Big & Tall shoppers yielded some good advice for the industry.

How to Turn Markdowns into Marketing


Merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt discusses how markdowns can create demand and lift sales.