Ryan Seacrest’s Clothing Collection: Another Macy’s Homerun?

Ryan Seacrest 5

Karen Alberg Grossman gets a look at the Ryan Seacrest collection, a Macy’s exclusive designed and sourced by Peerless, PVH and Randa.

Ron Mellott: Belk’s Man With a Plan

Ron Mellott

As SVP of planning and allocation at Belk, 30-year menswear veteran Ron Mellott makes sure his planners are out in the market and connected to product.

Belk’s Tom Nystrom and Selena Hanks: Well Suited

Tom Nystrom

Belk’s clothing and furnishings DMM Tom Nystrom and VP of planning Selena Hanks use teamwork and testing to move the business forward. By Elise Diamantini

Big & Tall Business: Challenges and Opportunities


For the 10 to 20 percent of American men who are larger, shopping can be torture. Fortunately, smart retailers and vendors are benefiting from this underserved market.

Kathy Bufano: The Woman on Top

Kathy Bufano

Focused on becoming a $6 billion business, Belk’s president of merchandising Kathy Bufano is bringing fashion to the forefront. By Elise Diamantini

Retailer of the Year: Belk

Belk: Retailer of the Year

125 years later, Belk has transformed itself from sleepy department store to upscale fashion powerhouse, driven largely by menswear.

Suit Supply to Open First Shop-in-Shop with Stanley Korshak

Artist rendering of the Suit Supply shop-in-shop at the Men's Shak

Stanley Korshak, an independent specialty retailer in Dallas, has made a deal with Suit Supply, a modern single-branded tailored clothing retailer, to build their first shop-in-shop within the new Men’s Shak at Stanley Korshak, scheduled to open this summer. The Suit Supply shop, which will take up more than 900 of the new store’s estimated […]

Hosiery Overview


William Buckley: Socks are getting more colorful as new brands enter the market.

Charming Charlotte

Bruce & Diana

On a trip to Charlotte, N.C., Elise Diamantini and Karen Alberg Grossman take a tour of local specialty stores, including Taylor Richards & Conger, Bruce Julian, Paul Simon and Westport Big & Tall.

When Will Menswear See Stronger Growth?


Steve Pruitt explains where we are in the larger retail cycle and when we can expect menswear to see stronger growth.