Tom Ott, Sid Shapiro and Pat Mon Pere Sr. receive top awards at 2012 Uptown Downtown Dinner


An overflow crowd of more than 250 people filled The Four Seasons restaurant Monday night to celebrate the 2012 Uptown Downtown awards, MR‘s annual event for the better men’s market.

Unionmade: Indie spirit

Todd Barket

Elise Diamantini: Todd Barket grows Unionmade through lessons learned from his corporate past.

Raleigh Limited: Fast fashion

Mark Koplow

John Jones: Raleigh Limited keeps Indianapolis fashionably on track.

Parsow’s Sizzling suits


Elise Diamantini: Parsow’s proves that there’s more to Omaha than steak.

Lost Boys: Fearless

Kelly Muccio

Elise Diamantini: With Kelly Muccio in charge, Lost Boys find their way.

Gentry Ltd.: Rock star

Britt Fulmer

Karen Alberg Grossman: Britt Fulmer has turned Gentry Ltd. into a very cool store.

Drinkwater’s: A tale of two markets

Gary Drinkwater

Harry Sheff: Gary Drinkwater’s compact Cambridge boutique effortlessly blends traditional clothing with neo-traditional sportswear.

Charles Spiegel: Camp Spiegel

Charles Spiegel

John Jones: Charles Spiegel is the gold in the golden triangle.

Blake: The mayor

Blake Nieman-Davis

Elise Diamantini: Blake proves that loyalty is its own reward.

Badowers: The fashion center

Michael Chilton and Kevin Hansen

Harry Sheff: Badowers has evolved, proving to both its owner and the greater world of menswear that Des Moines has a fashion customer.