Clothing king: Sid Shapiro

Sid Shapiro

Elise Diamantini: Chicago’s Syd Jerome has the deep dish on suits.

Family Man: Pat Mon Pere Sr.

Pat Mon Pere Sr. and family

Harry Sheff: Pat Mon Pere Sr. owes his success to the perfect combination of instincts, business acumen and a large extended family.

Merchant prince: Tom Ott

Tom Ott

MR’s Menswear Hall of Fame: Saks’ Tom Ott is a merchant’s merchant.

Guest Editorial: A new JCPenney

JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson

Fred Rosenfeld: In his attempt to reinvent JCPenney, CEO Ron Johnson is using a clean sheet of paper with little regard for what previously existed.

The denim Standard

The G-Star Q-Store in Standard ATL

Elise Diamantini: Farshad Arshid talks about how he opened a G-Star shop-in-shop in his denim- and footwear-driven Atlanta store, Standard.

Making June markdowns


Merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt takes a question from a reader who asks, “What level of markdowns should I be taking to get customers shopping again?”

Coming soon to a store near you: Peter Elliot Collection

Elliot in his men's store with colorful summer trousers. He tells his guys to forget about hems: just roll up the bottoms to display the contrast fabric linings as cuffs!

Karen Alberg Grossman: For 2013, Elliot Rabin will put his design talents to the test with an exciting new wholesale collection.

The Tailored Clothing Handbook


MR’s Tailored Clothing Handbook: 40 pages of information and insight for buyers, sellers and wearers of men’s suits.

Vendor view: Evolving the dress-up trend


John Jones: Slim suits have driven much of the recent boom in tailored clothing, but not every retailer has the assortment right yet.

Dress to impress: 2012 dress shirt retail survey

Canali dress shirts

Harry Sheff: According to our 2012 survey of retailers, dress shirt business is strong, albeit inconsistent. Still, everyone seems to be planning the business up for fall.