Are Facebook Ads Effective for Retailers?


A reader asks marketing expert Jake Fell, “Are paid Facebook ads an effective way to market my online and brick and mortar retail businesses?”

Clearing Out Aging Goods


Merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt takes a question about moving through the markdown cycle.

Editor’s Letter: Luxury is…

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: As we honor luxury retailers in our Uptown Downtown issue, we share our favorite luxury quotes, grateful for the luxury of being in this wonderful business.

Guest Editorial: Made in America!

Steve Saft

Executive recruiter Stephen Saft makes the case for American manufacturing.

How Can I Improve Sluggish Menswear Business?


Steve Pruitt: The current slow men’s business isn’t an economic problem, it’s a fashion problem.

Guest Editorial: Jack Abelson

Jack Abelson

Manly Footwear: Jack Abelson wants flip flops confined to the beach.

Understanding Margin and Turnover


A readers asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt about the importance of margin and turnover for retailers.

Showrooming and Webrooming


Marketing expert Jake Fell discusses how to convert showrooming consumers into customers and describes how to take advantage of webrooming.

Editor’s Letter: Let the Trend Evolve!

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: While the modern dress-up trend has positively impacted all tiers of distribution, not all agree on what it looks like or how to sell it.

What Drives Fashion?


A retailer asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt, “What is the primary driver of fashion demand?”