How a Mobile-Friendly Website Improves Your Google Search Rankings


Jake Fell: Google and other search engines are rewarding sites that work well on mobile devices and burying the ones that don’t further down in the search rankings.

How to Expand Your E-Commerce Reach Internationally


Neal Kaiser talks about the three things to keep in mind when offering international shipping online: displayed currency, shipping and landed costs.

Online Merchandising Techniques


E-commerce expert Neal Kaiser discusses strategies that will engage your site’s visitors and turn browsers into buyers.

Guest Editorial: Your Store Needs Younger Customers

Jamie Davidson-FEATURED

Jamie Davidson of Strong Suit: “No matter how secure you feel with your existing customer base, Baby Boomers are not the future.”

Guest Editorial: Robots Are Already Working Retail

Jack Abelson-FEATURED

Jack Abelson argues that a robotic adherence to sales and promotions misses the chance to create a bond with shoppers.

The Importance of Integrated E-Commerce Platforms

Neal Kaiser-FEATURED

E-commerce expert Neal Kaiser explains why it’s important that your e-commerce platform allows you to integrate, from supplier relationships to customer management.

Guest Editorial: Bring Back the Merchants!


Fred Rosenfeld argues that apparel companies like Gap and JCPenney would be more successful if they were run by merchants instead of executives from outside the apparel world.

Guest Editorial: Social Media Burnout — Leave Me Alone

Greg Shugar 2014-FEATURED

Greg Shugar, co-founder of The Tie Bar, argues that consumers are tuning out social media marketing because too many brands and retailers try to use it as a sales tool.

Guest Editorial: The Apparel Industry’s Crisis of Succession

Roy Nicholls

Roy Nicholls: Companies that focused on surviving rather than succession planning are now dealing with a new world. The industry is so lean for talent that we’re now forced to redefine how we create leaders.

Publisher’s Letter: Turning the Page

Stu Nifoussi-FEATURED

MR publisher emeritus Stu Nifoussi: “MR has been shaped by great merchants, unique super sales executives, a vibrant specialty store business and huge evolutionary change.”