Schmoozing: Scott James shop opening at Shaia’s

Scott James shop at Shaia's

Shaia’s in Birmingham, Ala. did $27,000 in sales on the opening night of its Scott James shop-in-shop.

Schmoozing: ENK Vegas/Hudson/REVGrp party at the Encore


Hudson, REVGrp & ENKVegas hosted Schmoozing + Boozing IX last week in Las Vegas at Encore’s Surrender night club.

Schmoozing: Randa


Randa Accessories hosted a Las Vegas market party at Mandalay Bay last week.

Schmoozing: Reebok Classics party at Caesar’s Palace

Reebok Classics party at Caesar's Palace

Rick Ross and Tyga celebrated their new partnership with Reebok Classics at Caesar’s Palace last week in Las Vegas.

Schmoozing: Tommy Bahama’s Las Vegas market party


Tommy Bahama hosted retailers at its Las Vegas shop and restaurant for August 2012 market week.

Schmoozing: MRket Las Vegas

Schmoozing MRket LV barbecue

The MRket Las Vegas trade show hosted an evening barbecue on the show floor on the opening day last Tuesday.

Schmoozing: G-Star and Details party at the Chandelier Bar

Schmoozing: G-Star

G-Star and Details magazine hosted “Raw Tailored Atelier” last week in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar.

Schmoozing: Chicago Collective

Chicago Collective

Retailers enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and cocktails at the Chicago Collective on the show floor Sunday.

Schmoozing: West Coast Trend Show

West Coast Trend Show

The West Coast Trend show held its Casino Night party last week in Los Angeles.

Schmoozing: Peerless Golf Outing

Peerless Golf Outing

Peerless held its annual Golf Outing for retailers this week.