July Notebook: Come Fly Away

Collar Keeps

“I noticed the collars of my dress shirts were the first part to show signs of age,” says Richie Frieman. “Over time they looked worn and collars began to fly away, regardless of how many times I starched or ironed them.” Frustrated and in search of a solution, Frieman created Collar Keeps: one by one […]

Etnies collaborates with Joie De Vivre Hotels on eco-friendly shoe

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Shoes

Under 40 bucks and eco-friendly—who won’t want to wear these shoes? By Hannah Roth Etnies has teamed up with Joie De Vivre Hotels to promote their “Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree” campaign from June through September 2011. The three participating Californian hotels—Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, Shorebreak in Huntington Beach and Pacific Edge Hotel […]

GreenShield® Fabric Finish receives U.S. patent for nanoparticle-based stain-resistant technology


BigSky Technologies LLC, announced the issuance of the first in a series of patents for their GreenShield® fabric finish technology. GreenShield is a new process for water-, oil-, and stain-repellency that replaces the conventional polymer-based chemicals with particle-based green nanotechnology, reducing the use of fluorochemicals by as much as 10 times. The proprietary technology covered […]

Announcing MRketplace’s Video Weeks


Got a promotional video for your menswear store or brand? Send us a link! We recently featured an award-winning video from Gentry, a menswear store in Wichita, Kansas, that promoted dressing up. We’ve also been seeing some excellent video lookbooks from some innovative menswear brands. So we’re looking for more. From Friday, April 1st through […]

Getting started with social media


Q: I am trying to get a handle on how much time and effort I should spent in social media initiatives and what kind of return on investment I could expect. Frankly, it’s hard to know where to start. Any suggestions? A: Social media is obviously is a hot topic today for retailers. There has […]

Gentry Ltd. “mans up” the retail commercial


Gentry LTD from Intake Studio on Vimeo. While in Vegas, Karen and I had the pleasure of running into Britt Fulmer and Brandon Sullivan of Gentry Ltd., in Wichita, Kansas. They were excited to show us a new commercial they’d developed, called “It’s Time to Man Up,” and we were blown away! Talk about a […]

Where you at? Location-based marketing for retailers


Location-based marketing platforms like Foursquare are changing the way retailers reach consumers. Location based marketing… what is it? And why should retailers care about it? New location-based technologies like Foursquare are helping create some excitement and offering new ways for retailers to interact with and market to customers. Here’s how Foursquare works: it’s a mobile […]

The Social Seminar


Social media insiders on the Project Panel in Las Vegas agree that the fashion industry is slow at adopting digital. One panelist said, “Brands who aren’t jumping on social media are getting left behind. It’s important to hire people now because soon enough the whole landscape will change.” The very nature of the fashion industry […]

John Jones’s take on fashion and technology

Dunning Coolmax Merino Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Do androids shop for electric suits? Or, why does a fashion director care about technology? Before I came to MR Magazine and the world of menswear retailing reporting, I worked in public relations. At one point, one of my most interesting assignments was working with the Consumer Electronics Association. The CEA was launching a program […]

Home Economics

Home 1

Okay, I’ll admit it. It’s the start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and, like every season, I still get excited to see what’s coming down the runways. I’m addicted to the rush of the new. But today I’m feeling a bit conflicted about the whole thing. You see, this weekend I was invited to see […]