Gentry Ltd. “mans up” the retail commercial


Gentry LTD from Intake Studio on Vimeo. While in Vegas, Karen and I had the pleasure of running into Britt Fulmer and Brandon Sullivan of Gentry Ltd., in Wichita, Kansas. They were excited to show us a new commercial they’d developed, called “It’s Time to Man Up,” and we were blown away! Talk about a […]

Where you at? Location-based marketing for retailers


Location-based marketing platforms like Foursquare are changing the way retailers reach consumers. Location based marketing… what is it? And why should retailers care about it? New location-based technologies like Foursquare are helping create some excitement and offering new ways for retailers to interact with and market to customers. Here’s how Foursquare works: it’s a mobile […]

The Social Seminar


Social media insiders on the Project Panel in Las Vegas agree that the fashion industry is slow at adopting digital. One panelist said, “Brands who aren’t jumping on social media are getting left behind. It’s important to hire people now because soon enough the whole landscape will change.” The very nature of the fashion industry […]

John Jones’s take on fashion and technology

Dunning Coolmax Merino Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Do androids shop for electric suits? Or, why does a fashion director care about technology? Before I came to MR Magazine and the world of menswear retailing reporting, I worked in public relations. At one point, one of my most interesting assignments was working with the Consumer Electronics Association. The CEA was launching a program […]

Home Economics

Home 1

Okay, I’ll admit it. It’s the start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and, like every season, I still get excited to see what’s coming down the runways. I’m addicted to the rush of the new. But today I’m feeling a bit conflicted about the whole thing. You see, this weekend I was invited to see […]

Item of the Week: Oakley 3D Gascan glasses


SuperBowl XLVI is upon us, and I’m sure electronics stores across the nation are having the usual run on the latest, greatest television sets, including those incorporating new 3D technology. When I went to see Avatar in a 3D movie theater, I have to confess to having a moment of style crisis when I was […]

From Flash to Full: Gilt Groupe’s John Auerbach


John Auerbach is spearheading Gilt Groupe’s new full-price men’s e-commerce site. Gilt Groupe, the e-commerce firm famous for limited-time designer sample sales, has had a major impact on online retail by introducing the flash sale model. With more than 400,000 Gilt Man customers and Gilt Groupe’s $100 million-plus men’s business, the company is launching a […]

Trying It On

New technologies revolutionize the way retailers interact with their clientele. Three technology firms are helping retailers adapt to the changing ways consumers shop for apparel. Two of them, Fits.Me and Virtual Closet, allow shoppers to “try on” clothes without any effort at all. First Insight helps retailers pick consumers’ brains for trend preferences and price […]