Notable Fall ‘14 Menswear from the Vegas Trade Shows

Las Vegas sensation Paul Shortino on stage in a Ross Graison sportcoat

Karen Alberg Grossman on some her favorites from the Las Vegas shows, including Ross Graison, Arnold Zimberg, Daniel Won for Harbour International, Dion Neckwear, British Apparel Collection, Café Bleu and Bill Lavin.

Hot Items at Project

Jeff at Agave

Karen Alberg Grossman at Project: Agave, Will Leathergoods, Arnold Zimberg, Ben Minkoff, Mod-o-doc, Maceoo and Martin Gordon.

Vegas Picks


A precarious economy is no match for beautiful clothes! Here, a few irresistible items for spring 2012 discovered at MRket, Project, MAGIC, Capsule and ENK. Although there was no dominant new trend, there were plenty of fresh takes on existing ones. And let’s face it, most American men have yet to purchase a soft sportcoat, […]